5 Ways To Chill The F Out

Red wine, burying your nose in a good book, a netflix marathon or a night out with friends...We all have things, or people, we turn to when we need to hit pause and reset on our busy schedules. The thing is, how many of us remember to take the breaks we need?

This year, the World Health Organization declared burnout an official medical diagnosis, listing it in their International Classification of Diseases. Knowing when to slow down can be the difference between reaching burnout and not, so we’re sharing 5 ways you can chill out...

1.Breathe. Before you say you do that already, consider the quality of your breath. Stress can cause shortness of breath and anxiety tightens the muscles that help you breathe, so when you're suffering from both, chances are you're not breathing well. Breathing exercises are a simple, effective and free way to manage our stress levels anywhere, anytime. There are tons of different breathing exercises which you can find online and in books, but a simple one to try out is to breathe in through your nose for 3 slow seconds, hold for one, and then release through your nose for 3. Try repeating this 5 times.

2. Go outside, because nature and daylight (whether it’s sunny or not!) is restorative. No need to go for a 3-hour hike, sometimes a quick blast around the block before you get going with your day will do the job if that's all you can manage. Daylight helps to reset your internal body clock - also known as the circadian rhythm - which leads to better sleep. And we all know that a good night’s rest makes everything better, which let’s face it always results in good things.

3. Get your sweat on. While keeping on top of fitness may seem like a chore when you’ve got lots going on, it’s something worth doing for the sake of both mind and body. Physical activity doesn't just keep you fit and strong, it'll also improve your mood, and give you more energy and better focus.

4. Have a little cookathon. Spending some time in the kitchen is relaxing and productive, plus you’ll be creating something that will nourish and support your body. A calm, balanced body will equate to a calm mind and even if you’re not hungry right away, batch cooking your favourite stew or a big veggie soup that you can freeze and save for a rainy day means your future self will thank you!

5. Try Evn. Our Broad Spectrum CBD infused products are specifically made to target stress-related issues. CBD can help restore balance in the body by calming nerves, improving sleep, and reducing pain.





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