5 Ways To Start Your Day Off Right

How you start your morning has the power to determine the tone for the rest of your day. Of course, routines can change with circumstances - we may not always wake up in the same place at the same time - but a little routine where possible will bring a sense of structure to your day and make space for you to develop healthy habits. Just be sure to keep in mind that the  whole point of establishing a morning routine, whatever yours looks like, is to alleviate stress and get your day off to a smooth start, so sticking to it shouldn't feel stressful or like a chore and if it does, maybe take a moment to assess it.

Get a good night’s sleep

This one technically starts the night before, but getting a good night’s sleep will really determine more or less how your day is going to go. When we’ve missed out on sleep, we tend to be more moody, irritable, find it hard to concentrate, and due to low energy levels, tend to crave sugary foods. While you sleep, your body works hard to support healthy brain function and keep you healthy.

Drink warm lemon water

Starting the day with a warm cup of water with a squeeze of lemon helps to detoxify the body, cleanse your system and get your digestive system moving. The water itself provides hydration, while the lemon is rich in vitamin C. Lemon water is also known to boost metabolism and freshen breath, which we’re all in need of first thing in the morning!

Stretch it out

You may not always have time to go for a run, hit the gym or head to a yoga class first thing in the morning before work or other commitments, but setting aside just 5-10 minutes for a quick stretch that you can do in the comfort of your bedroom will help to energise you for the day ahead. Stretching also helps get blood flowing to your muscles, keeps you flexible and reduces the risk of injury. Something as simple as child’s pose is a restorative stretch that’s great for gently stretching out your hips, pelvis, thighs, and spine, all of which can feel tight upon waking. Aside from the physical benefits, stretching also calms the mind, relieves stress and fatigue and encourages better, deeper breathing.

Take 5

Taking as little as five minutes to practice mindfulness has the power to get your day off to a positive start no matter what’s on your to-do list. This can be anything from following a guided meditation app, journaling to make note of some of your thoughts, taking time to reflect on what you’re grateful for, or doing some intention setting. It’s a great way to find some clarity on how you want your day to go, or what exactly it is that you want to feel or accomplish. Even just writing a to-do list instead of keeping a bunch of tasks floating around in your head can help clear brain fog and quieten mental chatter, bringing you into the present and into your most efficient state.

Use a body brush

Just a few minutes a day of dry body brushing (it’s easy to do just before you jump in the shower) can promote the movement of lymph fluid. This helps your body to metabolize toxins more efficiently, dissipating water retention, detoxifying the body and boosting blood circulation. The benefits are felt immediately - your skin will feel softer as you’ve removed old, dead skin cells, your complexion glows and you feel invigorated. Plus, all you need is a humble bristle brush, which you can find in most pharmacies or drugstores. Try to go for one which has natural bristles which are better for your skin and the planet.




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