Are CBD Treats Good For Dogs?

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An increasing number of dog owners are curious about the implication of giving CBD to their pets. So, if you’re wondering if hemp treats work for dogs and if they’ll be safe if they consume them, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we examine all the details about giving CBD treats and products to dogs, including whether there are actual benefits for the dogs and whether it is safe for them.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs can consume CBD treats safely.
  • CBD treats can have a lot of benefits for dogs with minimal side effects.
  • With CBD dog treats, it is generally better to keep the dosage small.


Can Dogs Have CBD?

The straightforward answer is yes; dogs can have CBD. 

Several pet owners have affirmed that giving dogs CBD does not have any adverse effects on the animals. However, there is no doubt that the amount of CBD given to a dog is vital to how the dog reacts. 

Generally, smaller doses are usually best for dogs, while larger quantities may lead to some side effects. However, you should also note that the size and age of a dog would matter in giving it the appropriate dosages. 

This means that puppies should typically receive lesser doses of CBD than bigger and more mature dogs. 

In addition, there are various forms of CBD dog treats. They include:

  • CBD oils
  • CBD treats
  • CBD lotions, gels, and creams

What are CBD Dog Treats Good For?

Do hemp treats work for dogs? Yes, and in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of CBD for dogs:

CBD May Help Reduce Pain

Several studies show that CBD may help humans deal with pain. However, recent findings show that human beings may not be the only ones that can benefit from CBD’s pain-relieving properties. 

Some initial research suggests that CBD may also help dogs deal with pain. The assumption is that it does this by reducing inflammation and affecting the endocannabinoid system of these animals to reduce pain sensations in their bodies. However, there still needs to be more conclusive evidence to be sure.

CBD May Help Dogs with Anxiety

Not all dogs suffer from anxiety, but some dogs frequently deal with it. Thankfully, just like with humans, CBD may be able to help dogs, and other pets, relax when stressed and anxious. 

However, to enjoy the full effect of CBD in dealing with anxiety, you may have to give your dogs small CBD treats and other products consistently over time instead of just once. 

Furthermore, if you are unsure whether your dog is dealing with anxiety or not, some of the common signs include:

  • Aggression
  • Fear of noise
  • Fear of separation

CBD May Help Dogs Deal with Joint Pain 

CBD may also contribute to the treatment of dogs that are dealing with joint pain as it can ease the inflammation with minimal side effects. CBD helps to deal with inflammation and joint pain by binding with CB1 and CB2 receptors in dogs, stimulating the immune system and the endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation and help the body manage pain. 

As a result, including CBD in the diet of your older dogs can prove beneficial in the long run.

CBD May Help Dogs Deal with Seizures 

Seizures can be a painful and frightening experience for both humans and dogs. Typically, there are anti-epileptic drugs that dogs can take to deal with seizures, but they may be damaging to the lungs and other vital areas of your pets. 

However, research has revealed that CBD has the potential to help dogs dealing with seizures. However, while the results are promising, they are not yet conclusive.

How to Use CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

CBD dog treats are great for helping your dog deal with anxiety because they interact with the endocannabinoid system in your dog's central and peripheral nervous systems, thereby creating a calming effect that helps to soothe away feelings of anxiety. 

Not surprisingly, there are various types of CBD dog treats with differences in flavors, size, strength, etc. So how do you pick the right CBD treat for your dog?

Here are two essential factors to consider when considering which CBD edibles to buy for your pet:

Third-party Lab Tests

Look out for brands and marketplaces with third-party lab testing that attest to the quality and effectiveness of CBD treats. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid brands that do not have this. 

Rating and Reviews

Reviews give you an idea of the quality of a brand's product. You can use the reviews on a brand's page to gauge them, or you could get on platforms like Reddit to get even more reviews on a particular product.

Can You Give Your Dog CBD Oil?

Yes, you can give your dog CBD oil and hemp seed oil, and it is important to know the difference between hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs.

CBD oil is generally safe and can be beneficial for your dogs in the same ways mentioned above. This can make it a handy addition to the care products for your pet.

How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs

There are multiple ways that you can give your dog CBD oil. They include: 

Give Your Dog the Oil Straight from a Dropper

This is, perhaps, the most straightforward way to give your pets CBD oil. All you need to do is fix the proper dosage into the dropper and give it to your dog directly. You should note that if you find the flavors your dog likes, it will be willing to take this oil without fuss. 

However, getting your dog to take CBD oil in its natural flavor may take some convincing. Therefore, we always recommend you buy flavored CBD oil if you intend to use droppers. 

Mix the CBD Oil with Your Dog’s Food or Treats

You can mix the food or treats of your pet with CBD oil. All you have to do is determine the dosage you want to use and then mix it well with your dog’s food or treats. After this, give your dog its food, even as you give it hugs, pats and kisses. 

One thing to note is that CBD oil may work best with treats that already have oil and are tasty, like peanut butter.

Add CBD Oil to Your Dog’s Water 

This is another way to get your dog to consume CBD oil without hassle. Just ensure that you put the proper dosage, taking note that the water will dilute the oil. Also, this method will work best if you have a dog that drinks lots of water frequently. 

Are CBD Dog Treats Safe?

CBD dog treats are generally safe. However, you should ensure that you give your dog the correct dosage to prevent some of the side effects of taking CBD. 

Possible Side Effects of CBD on Dogs

Here are some side effects that may arise from overdosing your dog with CBD: 

Dry Mouth

This is a common side effect of CBD oil on dogs because CBD typically reduces saliva production in the mouth, which could lead to a dry mouth. One of the ways to deal with this is to ensure that your dog gets plenty of water to drink. 

Lethargy and Dizziness

These are usually signs that your dog is getting too much CBD, and you need to tone it down to the right doses. Some signs of lethargy could include sluggishness and laziness right after your dog finishes its CBD meal or treat. 


Diarrhea is typically a side effect when a dog takes too much CBD. To deal with this, you might need to reduce the CBD you feed a dog or take away CBD from the dog permanently. 

Reduced Blood Pressure

When a dog takes CBD in high doses, it can lead to a drop in blood pressure that can cause momentary lightheadedness in the animal. To deal with this, all you need to do is reduce the dose.

Final Thoughts: Are CBD Treats Good for Dogs?

Our answer is yes. And we’re not saying this to make you buy CBD treats for your dogs from us, although you should. But, there is a growing evidence that CBD has several potential benefits for dogs. 

However, you must ensure that you don’t give your dog too much CBD at a time to avoid the risk of side effects.

Where to Buy CBD Treats for Dogs

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