Can You Fly With Delta 9?

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If you’re an enthusiastic Delta 9 consumer, chances are you’d want to bring your Delta 9 products with you when you travel. We don’t blame you. We’d also want our Delta 9 with us when we’re going away for a while.

But what if you’re traveling by plane? Can you take your Delta 9 on the flight with you without any issues from the authorities?

These questions are similar variations are some of the questions we get from our consumers. And so, we created this article.

The following paragraphs will clear the air about whether you can bring Delta 9 on a plane and will share some insight into what you need to know and do.


Key Takeaway

  • At the federal level, it is legal to fly with Delta 9 and there should be no problem.
  • However, different states have their specific laws regarding whether you can bring Delta 9 into the state or not.
  • Your airline policy also determines whether you can bring Delta 9 aboard the plane or not.
  • The key to deciding whether you can fly with Delta 9 or not is to research your destination region and airline policy.


Is it Legal to Fly with Delta-9-THC?

The short answer is that it is legal to fly with Delta 9 THC at a federal level, thanks to the Farm Bill. 

However, you should also note that based on the 2018 Farm Bill,  you cannot fly with all forms of Delta 9 products as a result of a restriction on products that contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in them. Furthermore, the Farm Bill is a federal law only followed in some states. This means that in some states, it will be illegal to have Delta 9 THC on the plane with you.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to check the laws of your destination state and the rules of your airline to determine whether Delta 9 THC is illegal or not before attempting to fly with it. Also, if you are making international travels, ensure that you find out whether the country you are traveling to allows Delta 9 THC.


Legality of Delta 9 and Flying

The legality of Delta 9 and flying is a highly subjective topic dependent on several factors ranging from airline rules to state laws within the United States and then the national laws of different nations.

Therefore, if you intend to travel with Delta 9, it is imperative that you do careful research into the rules and regulations of certain bodies, starting from your airlines.

For instance, if you intend to travel with American Airlines, the best thing to do will be to keep your Delta 9 at home because they have a "no weed/marijuana" policy, and it doesn't matter if it is medical or recreational. Other airlines with a similar approach are JetBlue and Delta.

Furthermore, when it comes to states, you should note which states allow Delta 9. Some examples include: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Nevada. The same rule applies to nations. Some nations you can fly to, knowing Delta 9 is legal (to some extent), include Germany, Croatia, Sweden, and Latvia.

In all, the bottom line is to research the legality of Delta 9 THC in your destination and with your airline before attempting to travel with it. You can do this by making search queries like “can I bring Delta 9 on a plane to Nevada?” Or “can I fly with Delta 9 gummies to India?”


Can You Fly With Delta 9 Gummies?

The answer depends on multiple factors, particularly your destination and airline. Therefore it is vital to research airline regulations and state laws to decide whether it is a wise option to take your gummies along.

However, if your destination and airline allow you to take along your Delta 9 gummies, here are a couple of things to note:

  • Make sure that you have your gummies in their original packing. This ensures that if they are seen by airport security or other regulatory bodies, you are not accused of smuggling or trying to smuggle them in.
  • Take your medical marijuana card with you. This is particularly if your reason for traveling with the gummies is medical. This card ensures you can explain why the gummies are with you and may prevent certain hassles. Of course, as stated, different states have different laws, even about medical marijuana. Therefore, do your research thoroughly.
  • Store your gummies discreetly and safely. Ensure that you keep them where they can't be easily accessed except by you and where everyone will not necessarily see them. Considering the sensitivity of Delta 9 THC while flying, you want to ensure that they don't spill everywhere while you are flying.


Why Travel with Delta 9 THC?

There are many reasons why people want to travel with Delta 9 THC. They include:

Anxiety and Nervousness

This is perhaps the leading reason why people attempt to fly with Delta 9 THC. Nervous fliers and people generally dealing with anxiety from having to travel typically take Delta 9 THC to help them calm down and relax. This makes sense because research has linked THC with certain health benefits, including helping deal with anxiety.

They Need to Sleep

Delta 9 THC may also be helpful in helping users sleep while on the plane. This is useful in many different ways. For instance, it can help users with busy schedules grab beneficial naps that improve their productivity. Also, it may be a great way to help nervous individuals have a peaceful flight.

Medical Purposes

As stated earlier, Delta 9 THC has been linked to several health benefits. This means some users need THC for their flights to prevent or manage specific medical emergencies.


Where to Store Delta-9 During a Flight

How can you take Delta 9 on a plane? Here are some places where you can store your gummies or other edibles during your flight:

  • Your carry-on or checked luggage: You can place your gummies in any of these places, depending on your need. For instance, having gummies with you in your carry-on will usually be discreet and safe while also giving you easy access to them.
  •  You can carry THC oil like every other liquid in your carry-on and personal bag. However, depending on the airline, there will be specific rules that you will be expected to follow.
  • There is also the option of small vapes that you can have in your carry-on. Most airlines in the world allow for vape to be in your carry-on or your personal bag but not packed away in your checked luggage.


Tips for Flying with Delta-9-THC Products 

To summarize, here are some vital tips that you must not forget as you decide whether to travel with Delta 9 or not.

Research Destination Country or State

The first thing to look out for when trying to answer the "can I bring Delta 9 on a plane" question is the laws of the state or nation that you are traveling to. Find out whether Delta 9 is legal or illegal and to what extent it is legal or illegal.

Find out what products may be allowed and the punishments for being found with Delta 9. Do thorough research, and let the answers you get guide your decision.

Research Airline Thoroughly

If you are wondering whether you can bring Delta 9 on a plane, what better place to find out than via the airline's rules? All airlines have guidelines on prohibited substances and objects. Therefore, you will do well to find out whether Delta 9 THC will be allowed and under what circumstances.

Furthermore, if the airline's website isn't clear enough, you can contact them before your travel date to determine whether you will be allowed to travel with it.

Keep Delta 9 in Original Packing

If you do decide to travel with Delta 9 THC products, ensure that you keep the products in their original packaging to prevent accusations of trying to smuggle in the cannabinoid.

Carry Proof of Medical Usage

If your use of Delta 9 THC is specifically to deal with a health issue, then you should have proof of this with you at all times. Your proof can be a card, a doctor's report, etc. The important thing is that it is credible and can be verified.

Pack Carefully

Lastly, ensure you pack your products according to airline rules and safely. For instance, you may ensure that your liquid (oils) are placed inside a plastic bag before you stash them in your checked bag.


Where to Buy Delta 9 Gummies Online

Before taking your Delta 9 gummies on a plane (if you’re allowed to), you’ll need to buy some first. This is where Evn comes into the picture.

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