CBD and Golf: Learn How CBD Products Benefit Golfers

Due to its ability to relieve pain, aid in relaxation, and assist in post-workout recovery, CBD products are well used and well-loved among all levels of athletes. Athletes across the United States use CBD in various forms, including CBD oil, CBD cream, and CBD gummies to help with their muscle recovery, mindset, and pain management. It’s no surprise then, that CBD has hit the golf scene as well. Learn all about why CBD is gaining popularity among golfers as well as how CBD can benefit your golf game in our blog today.

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Why Do Golfers Use CBD? 

There’s growing evidence that CBD products, like CBD oil, can help improve your golf game on and off the course. In fact, several major golf players like Bubba Watson and Charley Hoffman have CBD sponsorships on Tour. So, how does it work? CBD can help improve your sleep, which has a positive effect on golf performance as well as mindset. The calmer and more rested you are, the better chance you have to perform at your peak.

Here are some additional benefits of CBD for golfers:

  • Diminishes stress and anxiety – especially during those anxious moments before teeing off.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Aids in recovery – keeps you in the game longer.
  • Promotes restful sleep, which improves athletic performance and focus.
  • Lower anxiety, great for those with first-tee jitters.
  • Improves concentration. 

Can CBD Help Golfers Recover?

Golfers primarily use CBD for rest and relaxation purposes. If you think about a day in the life of a golfer, he/she walks several miles during a round of golf and uses their upper and lower body muscles to swing a golf club all day long. These activities can lead to fatigue and muscle soreness over time. CBD helps golfers get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. A well-rested golfer is also a more focused athlete that can perform with precision on the golf course.

How Can You Consume CBD as a Golfer?

You can incorporate CBD into your athletic recovery regimen in various ways. CBD is available to consumers in various forms including gum, oil, and even tasty gummies. And if reducing pain is your primary concern, there are many CBD topicals available as well, which you can turn to for instant relief. You can learn more about the most popular forms of CBD for golfers below.

CBD Gum for Golf 

CBD gum has grown in popularity for golfers as it’s easy to chew while on the course. Many golfers find it helps them focus while on the tee, keeps them calm in nerve-wracking situations, and provides some relief from the occasional ache or pain of swinging a gold club all day. Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have been known to chew CBD gum in major tournaments. 

CBD Oil for Golf 

Since golf can lead to pain or swelling in your joints, some golfers take CBD oil for relief. This form is a great option for those looking for relief before, during, or after a round of golf. Be sure to check the label for serving size and proper storage information before use. 

CBD Gummies for Golf 

CBD gummies have also gained popularity among golfers due to the way they help them feel better and supposedly play better. Gummies are an easy and convenient option for golfers who travel frequently.

Golfers Who Use CBD 

If you’re looking to use CBD to take your golf game to the next level, you’re in good company. Many golfers on the PGA tour use CBD to improve focus and achieve greater levels of success. Professional golfers including Scott McCarron, Lucas Glover, and the aforementioned Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson use CBD. 

Is CBD Banned by the PGA Tour? 

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal to grow and sell for consumption. Additionally, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) took CBD off its banned substance list as well. CBD is legal and acceptable for use by golfers. THC is still illegal, but CBD is not. 

As always, be sure to speak to a medical professional before taking CBD regularly. 

CBD Golfer’s Guide: Top Tips

CBD continues to grow in popularity and with many options available it’s important to do your research and find a brand that ensures quality. Here are some other tips for golfers and other athletes before purchasing CBD:

  • Be sure to start with a low dosage and work your way up from there if needed.
  • Give CBD time before wondering why you aren’t seeing or feeling any results.
  • Track how you feel/athletic performance after taking CBD.
  • Listen to your body. 

EVN’s CBD products are trusted by world-class athletes and lab tested to ensure freshness and quality. Check out some CBD favorites online today.

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