Can You Use CBD for Energy?

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According to a recent Gallup survey, 14% of adults in the United States now use products containing CBD. An increasing number of people are turning to CBD for pain relief, stress relief, and improved sleep than ever before, most in search of a non-narcotic and natural alternative to what ails them. With hemp production and use in general on the rise, THC's non-psychoactive shadow CBD is performing well as a part of many people's daily regimen.

CBD, a hemp extract usually recommended for its calming and mood-stabilizing effects, has a wide array of functions that continue to bolster its good reputation. But what about using CBD for energy and focus? In this article, you'll discover how and why CBD may help increase alertness and wakefulness throughout the day.

How does CBD impact energy?

CBD may affect our energy levels in multiple ways. A study published in 2014 suggests that CBD helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle by interacting with the areas in the brain associated with wakefulness.

Since CBD has been theorized to aid in more restful sleep, the correlation between a more productive sleep cycle and an increase in wakefulness while using CBD makes sense. CBD could help you get the most out of your rest by improving the quality of sleep you do get.

What makes CBD so great at elevating energy levels?

The most common use for CBD is for pain management, but about 20% of adult CBD consumers in the U.S. are using the extract to ease the symptoms of stress. While we might be inclined to blame a lack of mental clarity on a bad night's sleep, the real causes are often ignored: stress and emotional tension. CBD's calming and balancing effects could help restore energy levels by improving both mood and focus, and alleviating fatigue.

Choosing a CBD Product for Energy 

Because of the recent and rapidly increasing interest in CBD, the methods for consuming the extract are becoming more diverse and, in most cases, more convenient than ever. The differences don't stop with the method of delivery, however. Activation times, overall effect, and the duration of the effect all vary between products.

Any CBD products you eat, for example, will likely take longer to enter your bloodstream through the digestive system, whereas tincture products and smoked or vaped products typically activate sooner. For those looking to maintain energy levels throughout the day, consuming CBD on a schedule may be the best way to get the desired effect. 

  • CBD Oil. Also known as a tincture, hemp oil is extracted in its purest form to keep the CBD and the other beneficial compounds intact, typically administered via a dropper underneath the tongue. Evn CBD oil comes in two different strengths, both available in Mint and Natural flavors, that can be added to things like food, drinks, and shakes as well as taken alone. CBD oil is a great option for portioning out custom doses that can be worked into almost any diet plan or routine.
  • CBD Gummies. CBD now comes in gummy form for discreet, easy dosing. Each Evn CBD gummy contains 10 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD. As an added bonus, these little gummies are tasty enough to satisfy any rogue candy cravings you might be experiencing.
  • CBD Topicals. Topical CBD offers a different take on pain management. Evn topical CBD products are convenient and easy to use — unlike tinctures and edibles, our CBD salve can be applied directly to the place you want to soothe, including joints and muscles. Whether you're using it daily as a preventative measure or just for the occasional ailment, a topical CBD product may help provide targeted relief where you need it the most.

CBD for Energy

Choosing a method to consume CBD for energy and focus will depend largely on what kind of lifestyle you lead and what you intend to get out of the experience. For most, the easiest way to maintain a CBD regimen is to incorporate it into a pre-existing routine by treating it like a supplement. Rub down sore muscles post-workout with a CBD salve or cream, put a few drops of oil into your breakfast smoothie, or just grab a few gummies on your way out if you're pressed for time — whatever works best for you.

Determining the best dosage might take some experimenting, especially if you're new to CBD. The effects of CBD may vary greatly between individuals. Some people report feeling calm, relaxed, and happy after taking a dose while others experience a period of more intense focus than normal. Starting with a portion of a dose is encouraged if you're not sure what to expect, and it allows you to get an idea of how CBD will affect you personally.


Here at Evn, we pride ourselves on the purity of our broad-spectrum CBD oil. Derived solely from organic hemp plants using a premium grade, low-temperature CO2 extraction method, our CBD extract is rigorously third-party tested for purity and consistency. Unlike many other companies whose methods trade quality for quantity, we aim to provide you with CBD products that meet or exceed your expectations.

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