CBD Gummies - How Many Should I Eat?

Gummy candies are delicious. Many people enjoy gummy bears, gummy worms, and gummy other-things just for the sheer delight of chewing something tart and fruit-flavored. Your favorite gummies might be sour, tart, or intensely sweet or you might like a mild fruity gummy instead. Often, when we have a package of gummies, that package doesn't stay full for long. But when you're talking about CBD gummies, it's important to be both aware and careful of how many you take.

So how many CBD gummies should you eat? That is what we are here to help you explore today.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

  • Quick Answer: Each person is different. Take it slow to find out.
  • Long Answer: Read on as we go into detail how to understand and decide your CBD gummy dosage.

The Advantages of CBD Gummies vs Other CBD Types

CBD is available in many forms. Tinctures are oil drops you absorb under the tongue. Capsules are gel-caps much like fish oil or vitamin E supplements. Topical CBD cream can be applied to your skin for localized effects. CBD can also be infused into foods and beverages. CBD infused gummies offer both a delicious snack and a practical way to self-dose as you explore CBD for personal use.

Gummies are Tasty and Enjoyable to Eat

The first benefit of CBD gummies is that they are tasty and simply fun to take. You can now find them in a variety of shapes, textures and flavors. 

Gummies are Discreet 

The second benefit is that they are a little more subtle than taking CBD in other forms. If you are dealing with a personal condition and don't want to advertise self-treatment, gummies are a great way to self-dose without openly taking a supplement. No obvious tongue-tincture action or even shaking a capsule from a bottle of CBD gel-caps. You can enjoy a single gummy or a small handful and no one around you will think twice.

Gummies Put Dosing Control in Your Hands

The third benefit is that you can very carefully control your dose of CBD. With awareness of how much CBD is in each gummy, you can decide exactly how much CBD you take. 

If you are feeling inspired or want a dosage not typically available, you can even make your own CBD gummies.

How Long Until You Feel Effects from a CBD Gummy?

How you absorb CBD will determine both how long it takes to kick-in and how long it will last. Tinctures and vapor are absorbed quickly through membranes in the mouth or lungs. Gummies are digested, so you'll want to give them time to break down in your stomach and get absorbed the same way you absorb food. 

Because gummies are digested, it can take 15 to 60 minutes (and sometimes longer) for them to fully take effect. Digested CBD is also more likely to last longer.

CBD gummy bears stacked on one another

How Much CBD Should You Take? How Much CBD is Safe to Take?

Studies have shown that you can absorb up to 1500 mg of CBD without adverse effects (although we do not recommend dosing this high). 

A large package of gummies, meant to be enjoyed over days or weeks, might contain anywhere from 200-1000 mg of CBD in total, meaning that each gummy in the package is a small fraction of that. For example, a package marked as 200 mg of CBD containing 20 gummies means that each gummy contains 10 mg, and many gummies have an even smaller dose per gummy.

Discovering the Right Number of CBD Gummies for Your Body

How many CBD gummies should you take? It depends on your metabolism (the rate at which you digest) and your own personal body chemistry - along with your desired effects. With careful self-dosing and by slowly increasing your gummy dosage, you will find the number of gummies and corresponding dosage that is right for you.

When trying any new kind of supplement or home treatment, it's important to start small and slowly increase your dosage to discover how your body responds.

Know Yourself

Self-dosing starts with body awareness. It may be worthwhile to write down how your body normally feels. As you slowly increase CBD dosage, note any changes.

For more insights on the right CBD choices for you or to explore other CBD options, contact us today!

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