CBD Gummies for Male Enhancement? What to Know

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has increased in popularity thanks to its plenty of potential health and wellness effects. Some of the most popular properties include supporting sexual performance and health, including male enhancement.

Now, while enjoying a CBD gummy can aid your health in many ways, some of the claims are difficult to show evidence for due to the lack of focused studies. That said, some symptoms of common sexual dysfunctions like anxiety can be eased and supported with cannabidiol.

If you, too, are interested in knowing which claims can be verified or which benefits are real regarding this non-psychoactive cannabinoid, we’ve got you. In the article below, you’ll find how CBD gummies can help with sexual performance, the real benefits of CBD regarding sexual health, and a general picture of what to know regarding cannabidiol.

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabidiol is a major non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp with several benefits regarding sexual health.
  • Studies around CBD have not specifically discussed male enhancement or general penis enlargement, but it can help some symptoms that might hinder sexual experiences.
  • While sexual enhancement, in general, is hard to determine with the lack of CBD studies, some users have said to feel more energy and stamina, resulting in better sexual experiences.
  • Some of the real benefits of CBD include aiding with stress and performance anxiety, aiding with the metabolic rate, homeostasis, blood circulation, and even general confidence in bed.

CBD Gummies for Sexual Performance

Let’s start with some of the basics. Cannabidiol is one of the six major cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. While this compound interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), it does not produce psychoactive effects, or in simpler terms, won’t get you high.

Now, since this compound interacts with the CB1 receptors in our system, it can alter some of its functions in our system. From sending relaxing signals to aiding with blood circulation, users have found that some of these alterations could be helpful with sexual performance and health.

This interaction is important, as there’s evidence in this study that suggests that the alteration of these receptors could result in better central control of erections. While this research focused on animal studies, it still helps to understand how the increase and alteration of these receptors could aid with sexual performance.

CBD Gummies for Male Enhancement

Now, when talking about enhancement itself, CBD has very little evidence that could back this up. While some health and wellness product claim it could be helpful due to how CBD aids with blood circulation and general metabolic rate.

Users have also described feeling more relaxed, which could lead to feeling better and having more stamina when consuming CBD. 

This study from 2014 shows that cannabidiol has plenty of potential as a wake-promoting agent, aiding with energy levels in patients. The scientist found that this cannabinoid could help with somnolence, sleep modulation, and general energy mechanism.

By aiding with extra stamina, CBD could be useful to last longer if energy and overall performance time are the trouble. However, let’s go a little deeper to see if this is real or just another fake claim.

CBD Gummies for Male Enlargement: Fact or Myth? 

Having reviewed how it could help with male enlargement, the reality is that there’s no clinical trial or scientific evidence that shows penis enlargement due to only CBD consumption.

Of course, some symptoms like anxiety and blood circulation could aid your sexual wellbeing, but there’s no evidence that CBD products, specifically gummies, aid with enlargement. So, in general, we’d say this is a myth.

Nonetheless, CBD can still help with your sexual health. As we’ve mentioned above, there’s evidence that this compound can help with other symptoms around sexual health and even some symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). Still, the topic is a little more complicated since there are no clinical trials in ED. 

Let’s delve into this a little further.

Do CBD Gummies Help with ED?

As we mentioned above, there are no studies regarding CBD as a treatment for erectile dysfunction or systemic trials that could provide more insight into the topic. 

That said, a study has evidence that the receptors in the endocannabinoid system could aid male fertility and, with that, some symptoms around this diagnosis.

The ECS has many functions inside our system, including regulating the pituitary-gonadal axis, spermatogenesis (creation of sperm), and even some functions of sex cells and hormones. The research found that regulation of this system could aid in general balance regarding sexual health.

While specific studies regarding ED and CBD would be needed to assess a proper treatment, anecdotal evidence and available anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD could be helpful. And while this information is scarce right now, there are other benefits that could support men’s sexual health.

The most important one, aiding with anxiety and stress, is believed to help with ED’s symptoms and general impotency. However, other benefits could eventually lead to helping ED thanks to CBD’s properties.

Real CBD Benefits for Men

Besides ED, there are other perks that could aid your sexual health every day. Some of these benefits could even aid ED naturally, starting by assisting your libido and general relaxation.

Let’s quickly review some of the most popular ones, including aiding with libido, circulation, and general intimacy.

CBD and Libido

It is generally known that a few hits from your typical joint could help make sex feel better. Well, when talking about CBD, it is important to understand that while it also interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it has a different mechanism that might aid libido too.

Specifically, by interacting with the CB1 receptor, this cannabinoid could aid in relaxing and give a clear head to male users. While there aren’t specific studies regarding CBD and libido, anecdotal evidence suggests it could aid by relaxing the body and allowing men to feel empowered and let them feel their libido.

CBD and Circulation

Cannabidiol could also be helpful in promoting circulation around your whole system. It is known that CBD could aid with vasorelaxation of arteries and general vascular inflammation while also aiding with blood pressure problems. 

These result in better blood circulation and overall vascular health, meaning they could aid your sexual health by pumping more blood around your body, including the genital area too. However, more clinical research would be needed to asses this as a treatment.

Cannabidiol Promotes Homeostasis

It is believed that some of the issues coming from sexual health in men come from a general decompensation of hormones and other factors, including metabolism rate and weight.

There’s evidence that endocannabinoids (cannabinoids formed inside your body) can help with general balance in your body, known as homeostasis. By aiding with the activation of CB1 receptors, it could aid with general metabolic problems thanks to its pharmacology.

So, by taking CBD and activating the CB1 receptors, you could be helping your organism balance out its metabolic rate and prevent certain symptoms that stop homeostasis.

CBD and Post-Sex Recovery

Using CBD could help not only with sex or sexual health but also aid with things like feeling exhausted general discomfort, and even soreness from physical activity.

Users have reported feeling less tired when using CBD-based products like gummies, especially aiding muscle and joint relaxation. Remember that sex is also a kind of cardio. Regardless of the situation, CBD can be a great aid in stopping discomfort and supporting recovery.

CBD and Improved Sexual Intimacy

Remember how the ECS plays a big role in hormones as well? CBD and the activation of CB1 receptors can aid certain neurotransmitters that produce the feeling after sex and generally aid with the positive sensation after intercourse.

Specifically, cannabidiol may improve the production of anandamide, which is known for aiding a positive connection after sex. It aids with calmness and general relaxation, which also promotes feeling more comfortable around your partner.

This leads us to believe that CBD could aid with sexual intimacy by jumpstarting the “open and relaxed” feeling that after sex can have, especially if you’ve been anxious about either performance or the general sexual experience.

CBD for Performance Anxiety

While we’ve talked about libido, circulation, and general sexual health around men, there’s also a way that CBD could be useful for everyday use: performance anxiety. And let’s be real here, Sexual Performance Anxiety (SPA) affects 9-25% of men and can contribute to premature ejaculation and other psychogenic problems, like erectile dysfunction.

Now, while we can’t guarantee that CBD could treat ED without clinical trials and systemic research, there’s evidence that Cannabidiol can help with anxiety in general. This 2015 study found that cannabidiol could help as a treatment for different neuropsychiatric disorders, specifically anxiety-related ones.

The researchers found that it could help with different stress and anxiety-related symptoms. This happens thanks to CBD’s anxiolytic functions, which led the team to understand how it could help with minimal sedative effects, which could treat diagnoses like minor stress to PTSD symptoms.

More clinical research would be needed to understand the potential of CBD fully, but so far, there’s ample evidence it could help treat certain stress symptoms. And if you feel like stress or anxiety are impeding you from enjoying your sexual health, there’s evidence that CBD could aid this.

Where to Buy CBD Gummies Online

Now that we’ve reviewed how CBD could be helpful with male sexual health, you might want to try some gummies. We recommend going for high-quality products that can help you with your wellness goals but also help you unwind and take your mind off things.

If you want something lowkey, the CBD Gummy Bears at the Evn store are a solid starting point. These are perfect for helping you relax before sexy time or just help you relax after a long day with 10mg of our own broad spectrum cannabidiol extract. The gummy bears are completely gluten-free, non-GMO, and available in 20-count bottles, perfect to fit most diets without any issues.

Now, if you want gummy bears but prefer a stronger flavor punch, you can try the Evn Sour Gummy Bears instead. These have the same Broad Spectrum, organically sourced extract in each gummy, with 200mg per bottle.

Or, if you want the best of both worlds, you can try the CBD Sour Gummy Bear Bundle. This bundle has two bottles, one of the sour gummy bears and one with the regular kind.

This way, you can alternate without feeling tired of one flavor or another, getting the best of both with the same delicious broad spectrum formula. You can grab this incredible bundle or try out a monthly subscription while saving 15%.

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