Where Does CBD Lotion Fit Into Your Skincare Routine?

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Unlike other ingestible CBD products, CBD topical products like salves and creams are applied directly onto the affected area of the skin. They are excellent for relieving sore muscles and moisturizing the skin.

If you're new to CBD products, you're probably wondering how you can incorporate CBD lotion into your skincare routine. Let's look at different ways to use CBD topical products.

1. After Cleansing or Showering

Cleansing your skin to remove dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells is an essential part of caring for your skin. After cleansing, you need to replenish the lost moisture and oils. Moisturizing with a lotion is especially vital after using soap because it dries out the skin. CBD cream moisturizes and soothes the skin.

It's also best to turn to gentle cleansers and fragrance-free soap to help avoid drying out your skin. Dry skin is prone to itchiness and irritation. It may also crack and allow bacteria to grow, which causes can cause infection. To help avoid these problems, apply CBD lotion after cleansing your skin. Be generous with the amount of lotion you use and rub it into your skin after each shower or cleanse.

2. Before Exercising

If you enjoy running around the block or taking a hike, it's essential to apply a moisturizer before leaving the house. Lotion protects your skin from weather elements such as cold wind, low temperatures, and harsh sunlight that dry out your skin. It provides moisture, which keeps your skin healthy in extreme weather conditions.

What's more, CBD lotion contains soothing elements and provides muscle relaxation. Running, jogging, or hitting the gym strains the muscles and causes stiffness and pain. CBD topicals can help you resolve these problems.

3. After Shaving or Waxing

Applying soothing CBD lotion after shaving helps protect newly exposed skin cells and prevent irritation that occurs after shaving. Shaving and waxing are irritating to the skin because they remove hair and skin cells. It's normal to experience slight redness and swelling after shaving or waxing. Fortunately, a topical CBD product can soothe your skin and help you carry on with your day or sleep peacefully.

4. Before Bed

Create a ritual of applying lotion before bed to replenish moisture lost during the day. Regular application keeps your skin hydrated and smooth. The skin also loses a lot of water during sleep. Hydrating before bed protects the skin from drying out completely.

5. Every Time You Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands after cooking, going to the toilet, or handling dirty objects is part of good health. However, it also strips the moisture from your hands, leaving the skin dry, rough, and prone to cracking. After washing your hands, moisturize with a product like CBD lotion to prevent dryness. It's best to have it near your sink or bathroom and have pocket-sized bottles or jars in your bag for when you are on the move. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a CBD Product

When adding a new product to your skincare routine, it's essential to know what to look out for. 

The Amount of CBD Content

The amount of CBD content per product can vary greatly, influencing the results after usage. Check the product details of any CBD salve, topical, or lotion before purchase.

Buying the product with the highest CBD content doesn't necessarily yield the best results. If you're uncertain of the effects, apply a small amount and give the product time to seep into the skin. Over time, you'll find out how much product you need to achieve a specific effect.

Check the Brand Page

There are a ton of CBD product manufacturers, each claiming that their topical products are great for your skin. Be on the lookout for manufacturers that make any specific medical claims - this is technically not legal. 

It's also a great idea to look for reviews on the product. What have other customers noticed about the product? Did it arrive as advertised? Due to the lack of regulation of CBD products, manufacturers are free to alter their products as they please. Check all the ingredients, including the CBD itself, to ensure that your skin doesn't react negatively to them. You can also look for a certificate of analysis to find out how the product performed in tests.



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Where Can I Get CBD Topicals?

CBD products offer tremendous benefits for the skin. Evn CBD salve and Evn CBD cooling cream are excellent topical products that soothe and moisturize the skin. They contain broad-spectrum CBD sourced from organic hemp farms in the U.S., and all-natural ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender oils to soothe your skin, and your senses. 

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