Cherry Pop Strain: Genetics, Terpenes, and Effects

Navigating through the many cannabis strains available on the market today can be a daunting task. With an expansive range of cannabis and hemp-derived products at your disposal, finding the best option requires understanding the many factors at play, including cannabinoid content, terpenes, the decision between sativa, indica, or a hybrid strain, and more. 

Those looking for an energizing option might try Cherry Pop, an uplifting sativa cannabis strain with unknown genetics, thought to be related to Cherry Pie. This varietal presents olive-green and fluffy buds, exuding a cherry-like aroma and matching tart flavors that give it its name. As a sativa strain, Cherry Pop enhances focus, providing mild euphoria that allows consumers to maintain conversations. 

Read on to learn more about the Cherry Pop strain, including its history, terpene content, reported effects, and where to find it.

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Cherry Pop Strain Genetics: Indica or Sativa

Cherry Pop is a sativa strain which derives its genetics from unknown parents, though varying sources suggest potential lineage. The breeders at TGA Genetics have a version descended from Cherry AK-47, Blackberry, Ortega, and Airborne G13. Others suggest that the strain is related to Cherry Pie, a hybrid strain with calm, relaxing effects. 

Cherry Pop Strain Aroma and Taste

With proper curing, Cherry Pop’s flowers exude a deep, fruity aroma that’s slightly sweeter than your average cherry. Notes of musk and earth float through the buds while hints of skunk and blackberry into the air as you work the flower in your grinder.

When smoking Cherry Pop, notes of blueberry and blackberry are among the most reported flavors, while others comment on its more herbal exhale.

Terpene Profile

Cherry Pop analytical tests show high concentrations of myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool as significant contributors to both its effects profile and flavors:

  • Myrcene is responsible for the earthy, herbal notes in Cherry Pop. The terpene is usually more relaxing, but when mixed with the others in the strain, more calming and focused effects are produced.
  • Beta-caryophyllene produces Cherry Pop’s more musky aromas and is believed to stimulate the strain’s mood-boosting properties. 
  • Pinene is an herbal-smelling terpene with anti-anxiety effects and respiratory relief, helping consumers feel clearheaded and focused. 

    Cherry Pop Strain Reported Effects

    Users claim Cherry Pop is a relatively fast-acting strain, with effects kicking in immediately after the first hit. Its presence immediately fills the head with a gentle pulse that helps focus the mind and unlock a flowing stream of consciousness. This cerebral experience provides a helpful companion for putting the mind to complex tasks and finding associations between concepts. It also may be helpful for executing more mundane chores, such as laundry or cleaning the house.

    Cherry Pop is a handy social lubricant, as it offers improved focus and overall relaxation without taking away users’ ability to hold a conversation. The combination of mental and physical stimulation enhances the mind-body connection, which may make it a decent complement to gentle exercise in the late afternoon or evening.

    Where to Buy Cherry Pop

    The Cherry Pop strain is currently available only in states with legalized programs and licensed medical or recreational marijuana dispensaries. Consumers can purchase Cherry Pop in many forms, including as smokeable flower, joints, infused in edibles, or extracted into concentrates such as wax, shatter, or vape oil.

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