Does CBD Powder Work?

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most well-known cannabinoids. It does supposedly have a variety of benefits for both the human mind and body. If we are talking about CBD, most people are going to be familiar with it in terms of high CBD strains of marijuana as well as edibles made with CBD.

However, CBD powder does also exist, and it might make for a convenient alternative to smoking, vaping, or ingesting CBD oils, flower, tinctures, or edibles. That being said, CBD powder is a relatively new addition to the mix, so some research still needs to be done.

However, there are indications that CBD powder may have a variety of benefits before you. So, does CBD powder work? Let's take a closer look at CBD powder, its reported benefits, how to use it, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD powder is not naturally occurring. It’s made by turning a CBD extract into powder through a process called supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.
  • Powder is the purest form of CBD you’ll find on the market. It’s also highly versatile as it can be eaten by itself, sublingually, topically, baked into edibles, and added to flower or concentrates and smoked.
  • Evn CBD’s Sleep Powder is one of the best CBD powders on the market.


Does CBD Come in Powder Form?

If we are speaking about naturally occurring CBD, then no, this does not come in powder form. CBD is contained in cannabis and hemp flower. That being said, through a special extraction process, CBD can be extracted from cannabis or hemp flower, dried, and turned into powder.

If we are talking about large-scale operations, CBD powder is made by extracting the CBD from cannabis or hemp flower using what is known as a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.

It's a complicated and lengthy process, but the key takeaway here is that using carbon dioxide, CBD can be extracted and isolated from the rest of the cannabis or hemp flower. CBD powder is very convenient as it can be consumed in a variety of ways, as we will discuss further below.


What is CBD Powder?

In simplest terms, CBD powder is an extremely pure form of CBD that is made through a special extraction process. Due to the special extraction process used here, this is the purest form of CBD you can purchase.

There are also forms of CBD isolate oil, although the powder is usually preferred. Once the CBD crystals are extracted from the cannabis flower, they are ground into a very fine powder that is tasteless, colorless and features a milky-white color. It can then be consumed in many ways.


How to Use CBD Powder

CBD powder does have a wide array of reported benefits for both the mind and body, but how do you use CBD powder? There are actually a few different ways to use CBD powder effectively, and which method you choose really depends on your own personal preferences, so let's take a look.

Taking it Sublingually

Taking CBD powder sublingually is a fancy way of saying that you are going to put it right under your tongue. Put the CBD powder under your tongue and hold it there for roughly one minute. 

This is one of the best ways to consume CBD powder, as it is absorbed by the mucous membranes extremely quickly and goes directly into the bloodstream. It actually goes right past the liver and the bloodstream to allow for much faster absorption.

Use Capsules and Ingest

If you are not a fan of the taste of CBD powder, or you just don't like having it under your tongue, another option at your disposal is to put it inside capsules and eat it. This will allow you to accurately measure out the CBD powder and take as much as you need without going overboard. 

This is also a good method to consider if you are always on the go and need a quick and easy way to consume CBD without making a mess. All you have to do is pop the capsule whenever you feel the need.

Use it Topically

Another really simple way to use CBD powder is to apply it to your skin. Here, you can mix that CBD powder with a high-fat carrier oil, which can hold onto the CBD, and then apply it to your skin. 

There are plenty of good carrier oils for CBD, including hempseed oil, olive oil, and even coconut oil. CBD may be able to relieve a variety of skin conditions, so this is a great topical option to consider.

Vape, Dab, or Smoke

If you want to enjoy the effects of CBD very quickly, dabbing or vaping it is a great option to consider. You can use a vaporizer designed for concentrates or a vaporizer designed for dry herbs, as they will both work. It might not get you high, but you'll be able to feel the effects of CBD very quickly.

Infuse Your Food and Drinks

What is nice about CBD powder is that it really doesn't have much of a flavor at all. At the same time, CBD powder also has very high bioavailability, which means that it is very easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal system and your body. 

Therefore, putting some CBD powder in your food is the perfect way to consume it. You could add it to a smoothie or to some juice, put it in your morning coffee or tea, put it in a variety of baked goods, sauces, soups, and so much more. 

Anything that you put into your mouth is a prime candidate for being mixed with CBD powder.


Does CBD Powder Expire?

On average, the reported shelf life of CBD powder is between 18 months and two years. 

However, a little more research is required on this front, as it is known that CBD power will start to degrade and lose its potency after about 18 to 24 months, although exactly how quickly it loses its potency is up for debate. 

Therefore, although CBD powder might not expire in the traditional sense in terms of producing unwanted or negative side effects, it will start to lose its potency and become relatively useless.


Can I Give My Dog CBD Powder?

CBD in general does not produce any psychoactive effects, which also applies to your pets. Therefore, you should be able to give your dog some CBD products without having to worry about them high.

Although CBD products can be given to dogs, some CBD powders, like Evn's Sleep Powder, should NOT be given to dogs because it contains cacao and other ingredients that may be harmful for dogs.

At the same time, CBD by itself or in treat-form is also totally safe for dogs and is not known to produce any negative side effects or symptoms. 


Where to Buy CBD Powder Online

One of the best places to buy CBD isolate powder is Evn. We have a wide variety of CBD products available for purchase. If you have trouble sleeping, we highly suggest you try our CBD Sleep Powder.

This is a delicious cocoa-flavored blend of 400 mg of full spectrum CBD with all-natural ingredients like magnesium, passion flower, l-theanine, and melatonin to help you get some deep, restorative sleep. It’s made with organically sourced hemp, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It’s third-party lab-tested and 100% free of THC.

To use it, just add a teaspoon of it to your favorite night beverage; it could be milk, tea, or hot water. Drink it 30 minutes before going to bed for the best experience. Start integrating our CBD Sleep Powder into your bedtime routine and say goodbye to sleepless nights. 

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