Does CBD Salve Help Back Pain?

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So, you sit in a horrible office chair all day, stand on your feet all day, or suffer some kind of injury. The bottom line is that now your back really hurts. It's constantly in pain, you can barely stand it, and now you finally need a way to eliminate that horrible discomfort.

One of the things that you might be aware of is that CBD may have the potential to relieve pain and inflammation.

Therefore, you might be wondering if CBD is ideal for helping relieve back pain, and here specifically, we are talking about a CBD salve, or in other words, a topical lotion. So, does CBD salve help back pain? To provide you with a little hint, if CBD didn't help with back pain, we probably wouldn't be writing about this to begin with.


Key Takeaways

  • CBD salve is a cream designed for topical application.
  • CBD salve may be able to help relieve local pain and inflammation.
  • CBD salve may help decrease back pain in just 1 hour.


What is CBD Salve?

First, CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of the main cannabinoids found in both the hemp and marijuana plant. Yes, CBD flower can be smoked or even turned into a concentrate for vaporizing. CBD can also be extracted in the form of isolate and other concentrates.

These isolates or other concentrates can then be mixed in with a variety of substances. Here, we are talking about CBD salve, which means that the CBD was mixed in with some kind of cream or moisturizer designed for topical application.

In some cases, CBD salve may be made with a carrier oil. In case the word salve is bothering you, you could always just call it a cream. The bottom line is that CBD salve is a topical cream designed for external application containing various levels of CBD.


How Does CBD Salve Work?

If you are wondering how CBD salve or cream works, it really all comes down to the CBD. Now, if we are talking about CBD salve for back pain, this works because CBD is thought to be a good pain reliever. It can do this on more than one front.

First and foremost, CBD is thought to be a fairly strong anti-inflammatory, which means that it helps to relieve inflammation and soothes pain caused by inflammation.

If you sit in a horrible chair all day long, spend all day on your feet, or have suffered some kind of injury, chances are that you have some sort of inflammation that CBD may be able to get rid of.

At the same time, CBD is also thought to be a fairly potent analgesic, which in layman's terms means that it is a pain killer. Therefore, CBD salve may be able to help relieve both the inflammation and pain that you suffer in your back.

What needs to be said is that CBD salve is only topical, however, so that is where the benefits end. If you want to treat your back pain with CBD, and you want the CBD to have maximum benefits, ingesting it is probably the better option.

This is because when you ingest CBD, it may also have the ability to help relax you, calm you down, relieve anxious thoughts, and help you sleep better, all of which may also be able to help relieve back pain.


How to Use CBD Salve for Back Pain

The number one rule to remember here is that you always want to follow all of the directions and instructions included in the packaging of your product of choice. With that being said, as is the case with other creams and topical lotions, all you have to do is apply it to your skin.

It’s probably a good idea if you first clean and dry your skin, just to ensure that the maximum amount of CBD lotion can be absorbed as possible. Then, all you have to do is apply the lotion to your skin, rub it around, let it absorb into your skin, and you are good to go.

It's probably best not to wear any clothing for a few minutes after applying it, or else a good bit of the CBD lotion may be absorbed by your clothing instead of your skin. You can always start by using a little bit, and then increase the dosage based on your needs.


How Fast Does CBD Salve Work?

How long it takes for the CBD salve to start relieving your back pain is going to depend on you specifically. Generally speaking, when you take CBD, it's going to take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes for you to feel the effects.

However, this is based on the ingestion of CBD, not the topical application. In terms of how long it takes for CBD lotions to relieve pain when applied topically, this is somewhat unknown, although you can assume that it will take about an hour.


How Much CBD Salve Do I Use?

First and foremost, remember that CBD is non-intoxicant, so it won't get you high. Moreover, how much CBD salve you use for your own purposes depends on how strong the CBD salve is and how much pain you are in. If you are in a whole lot of pain and nothing else seems to help, we recommend starting with about 100 milligrams of CBD.

The official recommendation on ingesting CBD is that a person should take anywhere between 0.25 and 0.5 milligrams for every pound of body weight. However, for severe back pain, you could certainly take much more than this. 

Generally speaking, the more CBD is present in the lotion, the stronger the effect is going to be.


How Often Should You Apply CBD Salve?

There really shouldn't be any severe side effects from CBD lotion, although some people may experience minor skin irritation. Next, CBD also won't get you high, particularly not when topically applied.

Therefore, how often you should apply CBD salve for your back pain really depends on how much pain you are in. At a very minimum, we do recommend trying it twice per day, although you could use it four or even five times per day if your back pain is very severe.


Does CBD Salve Go Bad?

As with most cannabis products, yes, CBD lotion will go bad. However, exactly what type of cream or lotion that the CBD was mixed with, as well as the quality of the CBD, will make a difference. Therefore, you can assume that if you keep your CBD lotion in a cool, dark, and dry place, it could last anywhere between one and two years.


Final Thoughts: Does CBD Salve Work for Back Pain?

What it all comes down to here is that CBD salve is very likely to help relieve your back pain. It might not be able to completely get rid of it, but it should certainly be able to help control it. Therefore, if you are having back pain that you just can't seem to relieve, trying some CBD cream or lotion is well worth it.


Where to Buy CBD Salve for Pain

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