E85 Weed Strain Review

It’s no secret that new cannabis strains are being introduced all the time. While there is something to be said for those classic strains — cultivars that have been around for decades never failing to deliver — but that’s not to say that newer offerings don’t offer robust competition.

One such strain catching the attention of cannabis enthusiasts is E85. While E85 is fairly new in the grand scheme of things, the strain has already skyrocketed as a favorite in the cannabis community.

But what exactly is so enticing about this strain, and what should you expect if you get your hands on some E85? Keep reading to find out!

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Key Takeaways

  • E85 is a somewhat new strain made by crossing Wedding Cake and Project 4516, creating a hybrid with high-THC content.
  • Like its Wedding Cake parent, E85 is often known for its sweet dessert-like flavor, though you’ll likely notice some other notes of pine and gas.
  • E85 tends to be on the more mellow side of the spectrum, making it a great strain for rest, relaxation, and sleep.

E85 Strain Genetics: Indica or Sativa?

E85 is still a fairly new strain and was first introduced by Grandiflora Genetics, as a cross between Wedding Cake and the Project 4516 strains. Some describe the strain as a “better” version of Wedding Cake — an indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet flavor offering relaxing and euphoric effects. Project 4516 is a hybrid, and while it offers many of the same mellowing effects, this one also offers a number of uplifting and focusing benefits.

For those wondering if this makes the E85 strain a sativa or indica, know that you’re getting a nice balance of each with this hybrid. This strain also tends to be fairly high in THC and elicits a strong high, so it’s recommended for more experienced consumers.

E85 Appearance

Given its parent strains, E85 tends to be a fairly dense cultivar. Consumers will quickly notice the distinctive look of this bud, namely the blend of dark purple and green complete with an array of bright orange hairs.

E85 Aroma and Taste

E85 tends to retain the scent and taste of its parents. Specifically, E85 offers a sweet, dessert-like flavor that’s incredibly pleasing to the senses. Users typically notice the more fruity undertones with similarities to candy, alongside some piney and gas-like notes.

(In fact, E85 is a term referring to high-level ethanol gasoline, possibly a nod to the subtle aroma and flavor or simply that the strain itself is “gas.”)

E85 Effects and Potential Benefits

As E85 tends to be a higher potency strain - most consumers quickly notice the strong effects. While this is a hybrid strain, its mellowing effects tend to be the most noticeable. Specifically, consumers often report that E85 can be great to ease muscle soreness and pain, which can also usher in some great sleep and relaxation. The strain is also known to help benefit stress relief and uplift moods, though it can also be somewhat couch-locking for some, meaning it may be better left to evening or nighttime use.

These effects could also be due to E85’s terpene profile, most prominent in beta-caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, and pinene. While all of these terpenes have unique benefits, they all lend themselves to relaxation, stress relief, and pain relief in specific ways.

Final Thoughts

E85 is just one example of the growth in the cannabis industry, an example that even though we have already discovered and explored plenty of legendary strains, there’s always room for a new kid on the block — so long as it can live up to the legacy of those that came before it.

With a stellar flavor profile, high potency, and pronounced effects promoting rest and relaxation, E85 is one of those new strains that shouldn’t be slept on (pun intended)!

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