Hawaiian Haze CBD: Unraveling The Mystery of this Magical Hemp Strain

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Hawaiian Haze CBD, a popular hemp strain that's been making waves recently. You might be wondering, what is Hawaiian Haze CBD? 

hawaiian haze cbd strain in a box

Just like other marijuana products, hemp-based CBD can also be sourced from a variety of different CBD strains. There’s strains like Runtz, Special Sauce, and so many more. 

As you surely know by now, there are a whole host of CBD products to choose from. Products like gummies, edibles, CBD oils, and even CBD flower. 

And yes, you can smoke CBD

Key Takeaways

  • Just like marijuana, there are a whole host of hemp-derived CBD strain varieties. 
  • Hawaiian Haze CBD is a mix of two sativa style strains: Hawaiian and Haze.
  • Tropical and fruity, Hawaiian Haze CBD is the perfect varietal for relaxation, calm, clarity, and can even help boost your mood!

Hawaiian Haze CBD Strain: How CBD vs. THC are Different

By now you’ve probably seen all the research behind CBD and THC, two of the most popular cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. 

THC (also referred to Delta 9 THC) is the infamous cannabinoid known for causing a high. THC can be derived from both marijuana or hemp. Delta 9 THC usually references THC derived from hemp. 

And yes, it is considered “real weed” – learn more about why in our blog, “Is Delta 9 Real Weed?

On the flip side, CBD is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid and responsible for a variety of benefits without the high. 

CBD has been creating a buzz in recent years, and it's not just because it's trendy. Many people believe it can offer some fantastic benefits to our bodies and minds. 

Some folks use it to relax, others claim it helps with occasional sleep troubles, and some even say it helps them focus better. But keep in mind, everyone's body is unique, so results may vary from person to person.

What is Hawaiian Haze CBD?

Picture yourself on a tropical island, basking in the warm sunshine, with a gentle breeze caressing your skin. That's the kind of vibe Hawaiian Haze brings to the table! 

Hawaiian Haze is a special strain of hemp that's grown with care and love that only the Big Island can create. It's known for its lush green appearance and delightful tropical scent. 

Hawaiian Haze Sativa

Hawaiian Haze CBD is considered a sativa strain. Sativas are generally known for adding energy, providing clarity, and giving your whole body a beneficial boost when you need it most. It’s a mix of Hawaiian and Haze plant genetics and leaves you feeling calm, cool, and in the clouds. 

The floral smell and tropical taste is the perfect combo to transport you to paradise no matter where you are! 

What is Hawaiian Haze CBD Good For?

Okay, you might be wondering, "Why is Hawaiian Haze so special compared to other CBD strains?"

First off, Hawaiian Haze contains a higher concentration of CBD than some other strains. More CBD means more potential goodness for your well-being.

Another reason people adore Hawaiian Haze is because of its unique flavor profile. Imagine a burst of juicy fruitiness with a dash of tropical sweetness – it's like sipping a refreshing fruit punch under the palm trees!

What are the Effects of Hawaiian Haze CBD?

Just like other hemp wellness products, there’s a whole list of possible benefits specific to Hawaiian Haze CBD. Most people experience thingslike:

  • Relaxation

Feeling stressed or anxious? Some users have found that Hawaiian Haze helps them unwind after a long day.

  • Mood Boost

When the blues hit, Hawaiian Haze might lend a hand in perking up your mood and bringing a smile back to your face!

  • Focus and Clarity

Need to get stuff done? Some people claim that using Hawaiian Haze helps them focus on tasks and stay productive.

  • Sleep Support

If counting sheep isn't cutting it, Hawaiian Haze might help you catch those z's when occasional sleep troubles arise. If that doesn’t work, check out our CBD sleep products designed to help you get the perfect night sleep every night! 

Best Ways to Use Hawaiian Haze CBD

Now that you're all excited about trying Hawaiian Haze, let's talk about the different ways you can enjoy it!

  1. CBD Flower

You can find Hawaiian Haze in its natural, beautiful flower form. Some folks like to use vaporizers or roll it into a joint to enjoy the experience. Speaking of hemp flower, did you know there’s a complete guide to CBG flower

  1. CBD Oil

If smoking or vaping isn't your thing, fear not! Hawaiian Haze CBD also comes in the form of CBD oils, tinctures, or drops. You can mix these with food or drink or simply place a few drops under your tongue.

  1. Edibles

For those with a sweet tooth, Hawaiian Haze can be infused into tasty treats like gummies or chocolates. CBD edibles are the perfect product of flavor and function. Yum!

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