How to Inhale Weed

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There are a number of factors that can make cannabis use intimidating for new consumers. From the ever-growing amount of available products, to the wide variety of potential effects, plentiful smoking accessories, intensive amounts of strains and cannabis compounds to explore, and more, there’s no denying there’s a huge world to dive into.

One element many consumers may not think too much about is the act of smoking weed itself. Even long-time cannabis consumers may have a number of preconceived notions around smoking cannabis and the best ways to go about it!

Whether you’re a new or experienced consumer, knowing the best way to inhale weed is essential, not only to get the best effects but also to ensure you’re looking out for your body!

Key Takeaways

  • It’s best to hold weed smoke in for only a couple seconds before exhaling, and make sure to avoid charring your flower before you inhale.
  • There are a number of myths surrounding the best ways to smoke weed, like holding in smoke or coughing to obtain a more potent high. Avoiding both helps to ensure you’re limiting the amount of tar and resin going into your lungs.
  • Inhaling weed can also depend on how you’re smoking it, namely whether you are using a bong, bowl, or smoking a joint.

Steps on How to Inhale Weed

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s look generally at the process of inhaling cannabis.

  1. Light the cannabis, moving the fire in and out of the flower as you go. With joints, try to avoid pulling for too long. You want to make sure you aren’t totally frying your precious weed!
  2. Once the flower is lit, inhale for no more than two seconds directly into your lungs.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, you should avoid holding smoke in your lungs. Two seconds is plenty of time to exhale the smoke, and you can repeat those steps until you reach your desired high. (Also note that flower can take a few minutes to fully hit your system.)

How to Inhale Weed Smoke for Maximum THC

When many consumers first smoke weed, one of the key elements around inhaling is often how to get the most THC, to get the biggest bang for your buck so to speak.

Though, holding smoke in your lungs doesn’t actually get you more high. THC only takes a few seconds to absorb into your system, and holding smoke in will only make you cough more and could potentially negatively impact your breathing — as more tar will deposit into your lungs.

Some may believe they are getting a more intense experience, but this could simply be the lightheadedness due to lack of oxygen.

How to Smoke Weed and Prevent Tar and Resin Build Up

Smoking any substance carries risks, but there are ways to mitigate these risks.

One way to reduce tar and resin build up is by simply taking it easy as you inhale. As mentioned, holding smoke in your lungs is only going to hurt your body and won’t enhance your high. Try to aim for short, two-second pulls before slowly exhaling.

Some smokers may also opt for filters and mouthpieces, which can help to filter out tar and resin before it even enters your body at all.

How to Inhale Weed Without Coughing

Another common misconception with smoking weed is that more coughing means a more intense high. Coughing after smoking weed really indicates that you have more tar and resin entering your lungs, you’re using too much heat, or you might just need to ease up on the amount you’re inhaling.

The point is that coughing does not enhance your high.

Be sure to only hold the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds at most. To avoid coughing, be aware of what amount of cannabis smoke you can tolerate; a number of small hits could be much better for you than one giant hit, if the latter leaves you in a coughing fit. Some smokers prefer adding ice into their bongs or use a percolate to usher in a cooling effect, which can make smoking weed a far smoother experience.

How to Inhale Weed: Inhalation Methods

There are also different ways to inhale weed, depending on how you’re smoking it!

How to Inhale From Joints

Joints have always been a stoner favorite when it comes to cannabis consumption, but just because you’ve tried a cigarette doesn’t mean doobies operate the same way.

One key difference is that you should light the end of a joint before you start puffing. Hold the end of the joint up to a flame and slowly turn it to ensure the joint is evenly burning. Once it’s consistently sparked up, give it a few small puffs to get it going. They deliver smoke pretty directly, so be sure to take small hits at first if you’re new to joints.

How to Inhale From Bowls

The first step of smoking a bowl is grinding up your weed, which works best with a grinder. Pipes and bubblers have a little hole on the side, a carb or carburetor, which should be covered with your thumb as you light your flower.

As you place the flame to your bowl, begin inhaling. Once the bowl lights up a bit, you can remove your thumb from the carb, which allows air to rush into the pipe and the smoke to enter your lungs. Be sure not to cover the carb for too long as you inhale, or you may end up with a giant hit once you release it. You can always cover the carb again to draw in a little more smoke if you didn’t get enough, or simply exhale and take another hit.

How to Inhale From Bongs

The concept of bongs and bowls is similar, though bongs tend to draw in a lot more smoke. A bong has a stem with a bowl at the end, and lighting it is similar to lighting a bowl. You’ll place your mouth on the mouthpiece at the top of the stem, light your flower, and begin inhaling.

Bongs don’t have a carb cap, so to inhale, you’ll have to pull the bowl out from the bong and continue to inhale. Once again, bongs can deliver pretty massive amounts of smoke in a single hit, so be sure to take it easy at first. It’s fun to watch a bong fill up with white smoke and lose its transparency, but especially for new smokers, trying to clear a bong full of smoke can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.

Final Thoughts

Smoking weed can sometimes be daunting, but many of the prevailing sentiments around the best ways to do it and how to get “the most high” are purely fiction, simply put. Just a few practices, like limiting the time that cannabis smoke stays in your lungs, being conscious of the amount of smoke you inhale, and limiting coughing not only makes for a safer experience but also a more enjoyable one!

It’s ultimately up to the consumer to decide what works best for them, but smoking weed is supposed to be a fun experience — why not make it the best it can be?

Disclaimer: None of what is published on is intended to be professional medical advice. Consult your health practitioner regarding any medical treatment or diagnosis.

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