How to Make Bubble Hash

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One of the best examples of the continued expansion in the cannabis space is concentrates. What was once one of the most limited facets has slowly morphed into arguably the most expansive subsection of cannabis and hemp products available.

The rise of solventless extracts has made it even easier for consumers to experiment with making their own extracts at home without facing the immense safety risks associated with attempting to make solvent-based extracts at home (which we do NOT recommend). While rosin has acted as a staple DIY cannabis concentrate for years, other options like bubble hash have emerged over time, giving weed fans another avenue to explore.

If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to make bubble hash, sit tight while we dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Unlike other concentrates, bubble hash can simply and safely be made at home using the right equipment.
  • Bubble hash still offers the high potency and flavor cannabis lovers have come to love, just without the solvents and intensive processes that often go into producing other extracts.

    What is Bubble Hash?

    Bubble hash has a number of monikers, like water hash, ice hash, or full-melt hash. It’s made by separating trichomes in cannabis and hemp plant material by using ice, water, and filter bags, or bubble bags.

    The name bubble hash comes from the final product, which should “bubble” when it’s heated, thanks to the high concentration of trichomes and lack of remaining plant matter.

    This extraction method results in what is often considered one of the purest solventless concentrates you can find. This method preserves those precious cannabinoids and terpenes while creating a high-quality, refined product without the use of solvents or excessive heat.

    Benefits of Bubble Hash

    Cannabis lovers tend to gravitate toward bubble hash for a number of reasons.

    Solventless and Safe to Produce

    One of the biggest perks of bubble hash is that it does not involve the use of solvents. Many consumers simply prefer to use concentrates that never had contact with solvents like butane or propane, so options like bubble hash offer that extra sense of security. When it comes to making concentrates at home, making bubble hash doesn’t come with the same danger or risk of explosion that making solvent-based concentrates comes with.

    Better Accessibility

    Depending on where you live, it can be hard to find hash to buy yourself and it may come at a steep price point. Learning how to produce bubble hash can be a more efficient way for many consumers to enjoy a highly potent and flavorful cannabis extract that they may otherwise have trouble finding.

    Utilizing Trim

    While whole bud will make the most potent and flavorful final product, bubble hash can also be made with trim. If you already grow, you can use trim and sugar leaves to make bubble hash and make the most of your harvest. The end result will still be a concentrated and potent product!

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    Step By Step: How to Make Bubble Hash

    Note that this is just one of several methods to make bubble hash, though we consider it one of the easiest, especially for novices just dipping their toes in. Like anything else, especially when it comes to cannabis, practice makes perfect!


    2 5-gallon buckets
    Ice (at least 2 bags)
    Silk-screen filters or bubble bag
    Cannabis bud or trim (fresh or frozen)
    Large stirring spoon

    Fill Your Bucket

    Fill one of your buckets with ice and top it with cold water. Be sure you have enough room to add your weed!

    Add Your Flower and More Ice

    Add in your whole bud or trim, dried or frozen, and make sure it is fully submerged. From there, add more ice if needed until you’ve reached the top of the bucket. You can also fill the remainder with cold water, if the water inside doesn’t come up to the top.

    Agitate Your Mixture

    Using a large stirring spoon, begin to gently mix the combination of materials. The ice will begin to melt as you do, so be sure to have more ready to add in as you continue to stir. An ideal combination is about 50/50 ice and water. You’ll want to keep stirring for about 15 to 20 minutes.

    Prep Bubble Bags and Transfer

    After enough time has passed and your mixture is thoroughly mixed, prep your bubble bags in the second bucket.

    Layer your filter screens or bubble bags in the bucket, starting from smallest to largest. For example, when it comes to bubble bags, you’ll want to start with the 220 micron bag and end with the 25 micron bag (the smallest size at the bottom and the largest on top). The microns of each bag refer to the size of the holes in the mesh and filter or sieve the hash into different grades.

    Once the bags are secured over the rim of the bucket, slowly pour the water and plant material from the other bucket into this one.

    Drain Bags

    After you’ve fully transferred the mixture, take the first bag out of the second bucket and flush it with ice water to capture any lingering trichomes. You can give the bag a good shake to let it drain, then set it aside. Continue this process for every bag. Each bag will have some hash inside, but the best quality tends to come from the finest mesh bags at the bottom.

    Dry Your Hash

    After fully draining your bags, separate the hash in each bag onto a non-stick drying sheet. The drying process can take some time, but there are a number of ways to do it right.

    We recommend putting your non-stick drying sheets in the freezer for at least 12 hours, along with your sieve (to break apart the hash).

    After enough time has passed, take your pieces of hash and gently scrape them against the sieve. You’ll want to have something to catch the pieces, like a box lined with parchment paper. You can also use a spoon to press the hash against the sieve. Ultimately, you want a fine, sandy consistency.

    Once you’ve fully broken down all of your hash, move the lined box to cool, dark, and dry space to finish drying. You’re aiming for about 50-60°F with low humidity, but do your best.

    It can take as soon as 48 hours and as long as a week for hash to fully dry out, so longer is better just to be safe.

    Final Thoughts

    Sure, it takes some care and resources to make your own bubble hash, but this concentrate is often one of the easiest and most accessible options for DIY extracts. Especially if you already grow and want to utilize your extra flower and trim, making your own bubble hash is a great route to explore!

    Like many other facets of cannabis products, making hash is technical and involves care, so take your time and give it a whirl! You might surprise yourself with the final results.

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