How to Make Chocolate Edibles

Nowadays, edibles are readily available in numerous dosage levels, sizes, and all with an exceptional range in flavors. However, there’s always the opportunity for further customization in your next cannabis consumption experience.

Chocolate edibles have long since been popular amongst veteran and newcomer cannabis consumers alike. When you learn the proper methodology for making cannabis chocolates for your own enjoyment, you’ll be able to finely tailor the potency, various flavor combinations, overall cannabinoid ratios, and the general aesthetic of your chocolate edibles.

Perhaps you’ve long since been on the hunt for a 1:1 chocolate edible that contains elevated levels of both THC and CBD. Or, maybe you’ve just been on the lookout for chocolate edibles that are comically shaped in such a way that it brings out your inner nostalgia for days long since passed, when you could waste away your mornings watching all of your favorite cartoons. The point is, when you properly master the art of making your own chocolate edibles, you open up the doorway to being able to get that much more out of your future cannabis consumption experiences. 

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So, Why are Chocolate Edibles Worthwhile?

Simplicity meets consistency

When measured up against other homemade edibles options that oftentimes require a heavily involved attention to detail to ensure maximal precision, these cannabis chocolates require but a few different materials from you, no oven/baking skills, and are generally foolproof to make. The most complex step for you to get a hang of will be the actual tempering of the chocolate, but we’ll take a closer and comprehensive look at that for your cannabis chocolates later on. 

Dynamic chemicals

Much like cannabis itself, cacao too is a plant. However, the core similarities continue from there, in that the actual consumption of chocolate can evoke certain similar effects to the consumption of cannabis. This is due to the fact that cacao beans organically produce anandamide. Anandamide is a compound that can interact with the human brain in a way that is very similar to the interaction brought on by that of THC. Specifically, we’re talking about an overriding, highly pleasant sense of euphoria. 

A Quick Look at The Tempering of Chocolate Edibles:

The process that goes into making cannabis chocolates can most simply be broken down into a 2-stage process. The first process is the tempering and the second process is the candy-making. When it comes to spotting the difference between untempered and tempered chocolate, and how you’ll ultimately be able to identify if you’ve tempered your chocolate correctly, your best bet is to keep a keen eye out for the chocolate as it cools and then hardens, wherein it will sustain a glossy exterior. Chocolate that has been incorrectly tempered will appear dull once it has cooled, and it might even be more susceptible to easily melting when left out at room temperature.

Dark chocolate is usually the easiest chocolate to work with, and you should also note that it’s generally not advised to work with white chocolate as it can be very difficult to manipulate. We’ll now take a closer look at what you’ll need as well as the actual creation process of chocolate edibles. 

The Chocolate Edibles Creation Process:

- To begin, you’ll need a plastic bowl, microwave, cutting board, knife, spatula, spoon, oil spray, chocolate molds, at least 9 ounces of chocolate, and the cannabis tincture of your choice.

- Next, you’ll finely chop your 9 ounces of chocolate.

- Then, place your finely chopped chocolate into your bowl that you have on hand. You’ll then need to heat the chocolate up in the microwave for at least 30 seconds. You may need to lengthen this time even more if your chocolate is chilled.

- Then, stir the chocolate, and then heat it up again for another 30 seconds. Stir thoroughly, yet again.

- Heat the chocolate up for another 15 seconds. Stir thoroughly again.

- Heat for at least 10 more seconds, and wrap up the tempering phase for making your cannabis chocolates by stirring thoroughly again. 

Now, we move onto the candy-making phase of your cannabis chocolate creation process.

- You’ll need to spray your chocolate molds with oil, or you can use cannabutter for even more heightened potency.

- Then, spoon the melted chocolate into the molds, making sure to fill them at least halfway. You’ll then add as much of your cannabis tincture that you feel comfortable with, to each mold.

- Make sure to dose each mold with the same amount of your cannabis tincture to ensure consistency. You can then add in extra ingredients like peanuts, your favorite chips, sprinkles, etc.

- Then, fill the rest of your molds with your melted chocolate, and cool them in the refrigerator for at least an hour’s worth of time. From there you are set to enjoy your freshly made cannabis chocolates. 

With your freshly made cannabis chocolates ready to be enjoyed, you’re well on your way to kickstarting the organic release of numerous “happy chemicals” in your body. Not only can the dual consumption of chocolate and cannabis evoke feelings of euphoria, but you can also increase the serotonin levels in your body, to further elevate the good vibrations. 

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