Live Rosin Vape Pen: Everything to Know

Vape pens are becoming popular options to consume cannabis and hemp-derived cannabinoids. 10 years ago cannabis vapes were seldom used, but today consumers love them for their ease of use, portability, discrete nature, and variety of strains and flavors.

Even though the product is still fairly new, vaporizers have seen their own array of developments. As extracts like live rosin see a surge in popularity, these concentrates have also been incorporated into vape pen products.

With the variety of options available, consumers may wonder what exactly a live rosin cart is, if it’s worth checking out, and what sets live rosin carts apart from other options. Keep reading as we take a closer look!

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Key Takeaways

  • Live rosin carts are some of the highest quality cartridges on the market, known for superior flavor and potency without the use of solvents.
  • Many consumers find that a live rosin vape pen offers a number of specific benefits other options, including cured rosin, cured resin, and live resin cartridges, do not.

    What is A Live Rosin Cartridge?

    A live rosin vape cart is one of the latest, most potent and flavorful developments when it comes to vaping. Live rosin is a full spectrum extract, known for maintaining a wide array of compounds present in the original plant, and maintaining much of its essence. This also tends to lead to enhanced effects, as all the compounds — like cannabinoids and terpenes — work with one another synergistically.

    Live rosin is made by immediately freezing the cultivated crop, rather than curing, which preserves more of the plant’s compounds. After this process is completed, the frozen flower is made into bubble hash. From here, producers apply pressure and heat, which results in live rosin.

    Many consumers enjoy live rosin for its superior flavor profile, potency, and the lack of solvents used in production.

    What is a Regular Cartridge?

    If you’re going for a standard vape cartridge, you’re typically looking at a cart containing oil made with cured resin or rosin. Rather than freezing the plant after harvest, herb is cured or dried. While live extracts are frozen, most other consumable cannabis products must be cured if they will eventually be smoked, vaped, or used in edibles to ensure it maintains compounds, flavor, and potency.

    By comparison, curing ultimately sacrifices many of those precious plant compounds as compared to live rosin or live resin. This is generally why a standard vape cart is cheaper than live resin or live rosin vape pens. Live options also offer a more expansive flavor profile and higher potency.

    A cured rosin cartridge will still be made with heat and pressure, though cured resin is made using solvents, which must be purged from the product before it’s sold.

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    Benefits of Live Rosin Cartridges

    Live rosin cartridges are a simple, efficient, and portable way to enjoy live rosin. Without a cartridge or vaporizer, consumers will generally consume live rosin with a dab rig or nectar collector. These are great options, but they are not as easy to travel with or use in a pinch.

    As a concentrate in general, live rosin is often considered to have one of the best flavor profiles. Because flower is frozen first, live rosin retains a wide array of the plant’s original compounds which helps encourage the entourage effect, allowing all elements to work with one another and enhance overall outcomes.

    Live Rosin vs. Live Resin Carts

    Live resin and live rosin carts are very similar, in that both are made with premium concentrates that undergo similar extraction methods. Both live resin and live rosin are considered some of the highest quality extracts because they both involve freezing the plant matter prior to extraction, maintaining a broader portion of the plant’s original compounds. The main difference lies in what happens afterward.

    While live rosin is created using heat and pressure, live resin is made using solvents. Any concentrate that comes in contact with solvents is required to be purged of those materials before hitting store shelves, though some research has suggested that some concentrates made with solvents may still maintain residual amounts.

    For this reason, many consumers prefer not to take the gamble and go with solventless concentrates.

    Final Thoughts

    Live rosin vape pens are some of the best when it comes to vape cartridges. From an incomparable flavor profile, plentiful cannabinoids, and a well-rounded experience, it’s an easy way to enjoy one of the most top-notch concentrates you can buy. Should you decide to try out a live rosin cartridge, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed!


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