Sour Space Candy: Strain Review

sour space candy strain

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Amidst an ever-growing array of strains in the cannabis world, you’re bound to run into some eye-catching names — though some ultimately don’t live up to the hype. Sour Space Candy is not one of those strains.

With an incredible flavor that rises to the occasion of its mouth-watering name, along with balanced effects and a high-cannabinoid profile, Sour Space Candy is steadily becoming a highly sought-after strain for a variety of consumers.

Whether you’ve been meaning to learn more about this offering or are hearing about it for the first time, today we’re taking a closer look at Sour Space Candy!

Key Takeaways

  • Sour Space Candy is a well-balanced strain offering uplifted effects alongside more calming effects, thanks to its balanced cannabinoid profile.
  • True to its name, Sour Space Candy has a unique sweet-and-sour flavor, making it an incredibly tasty option, and a great strain to pair with edibles.

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    Sour Space Candy Genetics

    Sour Space Candy is a result of crossing Sour Tsunami, a high-CBD sativa-dominant hybrid, with Early Resin Berry, another hybrid. 

    While cultivars may vary depending on who’s growing the strain, Sour Space Candy typically is not a high THC strain, so for those concerned about dealing with the potential anxiety-inducing effects of consuming too much THC, Sour Space Candy could be a good option.

    Sour Space Candy Potential Benefits and Effects

    As a CBD-heavy strain, Sour Space Candy is ideal for those looking to ease symptoms related to stress and tension. 

    Is Sour Space Candy Indica or Sativa 

    While the strain won’t lead to a super heady THC high, this is a sativa-dominant hybrid will surely put a pep in your step and lead to an uplifted, energized feeling.

    Though, without high amounts of THC and plenty of CBD ushering in more relaxing elements, most consumers report a fairly balanced experience with this strain.

    Sour Space Candy Aroma and Taste

    As one might expect, Sour Space Candy is also renowned for its sour and sweet flavor profile. Some may pick out the subtle, gassy Sour Diesel-adjacent flavors from the Sour Tsunami parent, only to be followed with a rich fruity flavor with a hint of sour, reminiscent of green apples, lemons, or cherries.

    With a blend of myrcene, limonene, and pinene terpenes, Sour Space Candy also carries some earthy elements, making it a unique, flavorful, and incredibly palatable option.

    Final Thoughts

    As the cannabis and hemp industries continue to expand, there are increasingly more options available to consumers looking for specific effects and benefits from strains. Strains like Sour Space Candy may be an excellent option for those looking for functional, well-balanced relief, or simply some balance among an otherwise high-THC regimen!

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