The Best Hybrid Strains of 2024

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Welcome to the wonderful world of cannabis strains! This time we’re unveiling the best hybrid strains of 2024. From Special Sauce (found in our Live Rosin Gummies) to Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, and so many more, we’ve got you covered with all the best hybrid cannabis strains of 2024. 

Key Takeaways

  • The best hybrid strains combine a unique profile of indica and sativa strains, offering of a wide range of effects, flavors, and therapeutic benefits. 
  • Strains such as Sour Space Candy and Super Silver Haze emphasize uplifting and energizing effects, ideal for creativity and daytime activities, thanks to their sativa-leaning profiles.
  • Bonus: Indica-dominant strains like Bubba Kush and Gorilla Glue are highlighted for their relaxation and euphoric effects.

What are Cannabis Strains?

Cannabis strains refer to distinct varieties that have been cultivated in certain ways to enhance specific features like flavor, aroma, profile, benefits, and uses. 

Each strain has a range of effects on the body and mind, resulting in a wide spectrum of personal experiences. For a deeper dive into some of these differences and benefits, check out these articles:

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Types of Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains are typically categorized into three primary groups: indica, sativa, and hybrid.


  • Known for their relaxing and sedating effects.
  • Recommended for nighttime use.
  • Distinguished by their short, bushy plants.


    • Associated with a more energizing and uplifting experience.
    • Preferred for daytime activities.
    • Identified as tall and slender plants.


    • Bred from any combination of Sativa and Indica strains.
    • Produce a balance of effects from each parent strain.
    • Can vary widely, from Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or balanced.

    The Versatility of Hybrid Strains

    Hybrid cannabis strains have become increasingly popular in the cannabis industry as they offer a customizable strain to suit your preferences. 

    The best hybrid strains are produced by crossbreeding both indica and sativa varieties to create a balance between the two. This offers users a unique experience you can't find in pure indica or sativa strains alone.

    The ability to tweak the effects is what makes hybrid strains so appealing to cannabis users.

    The Top Hybrid Strains: Sativa-Dominant

    1) Sour Space Candy 

      Found in our Hybrid Live Resin Gummies, Sour Space Candy is a well-balanced hybrid strain with uplifting, energizing effects. True to its name, Sour Space Candy has a sweet-and-sour taste that gives it a unique flavor profile. 

      Check out our complete Sour Space Candy Strain Review

      sour space candy edibles


      2) Diesel

      Created by crossing Mexican Sativa and Afghani strains, this hybrid is 60% Sativa-dominant with low THC content sitting between 12-16%. It’s known to increase creativity and energy, making it a popular choice among those who want to stay productive and focused while still enjoying the benefits of cannabis. 

      3) AK-47

        This strain is 65% Sativa-dominant with a moderate THC content ranging between 13-20%. It boasts a complex and spicy aroma with a hint of floral notes. AK-47 is known for its uplifting and euphoric effects, which make it a popular choice among recreational and medicinal users alike.

        4) Super Silver Haze

          This is a 70% Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a THC content ranging from 16-23%. It has a strong earthy smell with a hint of citrus. Super Silver Haze is known for its energizing and creative effects. 

          Bonus: Top Five Indica-Dominant Strains

          1) Bubba Kush

          Bubba Kush, also known as “BK,” “Bubba,” and “Bubba OG Kush,” this strain is known for its tasty, earthy profile and is perfect for relieving tension. Think dreamy euphoria, muscle ease, and general comfort –  this strain wraps your body in a blanket of relaxation. 

          Bubba Kush is the strain used in our Indica Gummies

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          2) Girl Scout Cookies

            This strain is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison with 25-28% THC content and is known for its sweet and earthy aroma and relaxing and euphoric effects.

            3) Gorilla Glue

              GG4 (gorilla glue) is a cross between Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel with 24-30% THC content. It is known for its pungent aroma and powerful effects, which include both physical relaxation and mental stimulation.

              4) Somango

                This strain is a cross between Jack Herer, Super Skunk, and Big Skunk Korean. It is known for its sweet tropical aroma and flavor, which is so mango-like, hence its name. It is also known for its balanced effects due to its medium THC content, which includes both physical relaxation and mental stimulation.

                Somango is a popular choice for those looking for a tasty, well-rounded hybrid strain.

                5) Big Budda Cheese 

                  This silly-name strain is a cross between the UK Cheese strain and Afghani strains. It is known for its pungent aroma and unique flavor profile, which combines earthy and cheese-like notes. With medium THC content, it’s also known for its balanced effects, which include physical relaxation and mental stimulation.

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