What Does CBD Oil Taste Like

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Picture this: you just bought your first CBD oil. You’ve heard good things about CBD and its support for relaxation. But you have no clue if you’ll like the flavor or not. Or, in some cases, you’ve tried it and didn’t like the grassy aftertaste.

Don’t fret. This is something pretty common to go through as a newcomer to hemp products. From getting to know the best way to consume CBD, the dosage needed, and all the way to flavor, you might find yourself looking for a way to change the flavor of this grass-tasting elixir.

Well, look no further. In this article, we’ve gathered all you have to know, from the expectations of flavoring to things to look out for to get the best experience possible from CBD oils. 

So read below to know what CBD oil tastes like and how to choose the one you’ll love.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD oil can have a slight herbal or earthy aftertaste, depending on the type of formula used, terpenes, and other additives.
  • Broad spectrum CBD usually has a milder grassy taste, while crude oil tends to be pretty strong, and CBD isolate usually has little to no flavor.
  • Terpenes can greatly change a formula’s flavor by adding characteristic aromas and tastes.
  • You can always try to enhance the flavor of your CBD oil by adding it to foods or drinks or giving mocktails a try. Or go for natural-based flavors, like mint, lavender, or citrus.

Taste of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil vs. Crude Oil vs. CBD Isolate

Before diving into the full guide on CBD’s taste, let’s take a step back and review the difference between broad spectrum, crude oil, and CBD isolate.

Broad spectrum means that the formula has other cannabinoids and chemicals that naturally exist in hemp that are included in the extraction project without any trace of THC. This is a psychoactive cannabinoid that can also be found in hemp, but legal products require to have less than 0.3% per dry weight.

In the case of broad spectrum and CBD isolate, both types of formulas have zero THC. Now, CBD isolate means that the product only has CBD as its main component. This product is scarce, as it requires a longer and harder process to create it, which also results in a higher price point.

Crude oil usually refers to a formula that uses all the chemicals in the hemp plant. While most legal products will not have THC, some people add D8 THC or other legal psychoactive compounds derived from hemp.

This product is less refined, has a darker color, and, most of the time, has a really grassy and skunk-like taste. CBD isolate does not have any taste unless it has terpenes added to it, and broad spectrum tends to have a slight herbal aftertaste. 

Each formula behaves differently and requires a different process (and pricepoint), but also a different level of taste. Crude oil tends to be the most pungent, while CBD isolate has no taste in most cases.

How To Enhance the Flavour of CBD Oil

There are some ways to make CBD oil more tolerable. The usual road is to add natural flavors to the carrier oil, while some brands might add other flavorings, sugar or sugar-free additives, and even colorants.

Now, not all of these are good for your health. We’d recommend choosing products that have natural flavor added through oils or terpenes themselves since some additives can be prejudicial to your health in the long run.

A good tip, however, is to add the oil to your favorite drink. Teas, juices, and even water can be a good way to mask oil's earthy flavor. In the worst-case scenario, you can always add it to your baking goods or create your favorite version of mocktails with a little CBD instead of alcohol.

To be honest, if the earthy flavor is not something you’d like, go for something minty or herbally. These flavors are usually done thanks to terpenes, but we’ll go further into detail in the following section.

What are Terpenes in CBD Oil?

Let’s have a quick review of terpenes. These natural compounds are not unique to cannabis or hemp, as they are present in all plants and have different functions. Some give a herb or plant its characteristic scent, and others attract insects for pollination (or scare them if they are pests).

Scientists have found over 20,000 different types of terpenes, and hemp currently has about 200 of them. Besides aiding with the plant's functions, these are responsible for its bitter or grassy taste. But let’s go a little into depth about this.

How do Terpenes Affect the Taste of CBD?

Terpenes, much like people, come in different sizes and flavors. Some are citrusy and give whatever they are a sour taste, like limonene. Others are herbal and are known to help with different scents around the house, like pinene.

In the end, some of these chemicals add a characteristic flavor or aroma to hemp. This is why some strains might have different combinations of terpenes, even with CBD-only flowers. This all depends on the concentrations of each strain and the extraction process.

This is also what gives hemp its skunky or earth-like taste. Terpenes have a great deal to affect the carrier oil, and natural flavors like lemon or mint are usually derived from already existing compounds that are either part of hemp or extracted from it.

How to Find a CBD Oil You Like

When choosing your CBD oil, we have a few tips to get around the one you’ll like. From choosing the carrier oil correctly to looking out for specific flavorings, there are a few ways to change your experience when consuming oils.

And before we also give you a few alternatives to CBD oil, let’s quickly review our tips to find an oil you’ll love.

Consider the Carrier Oil

The oil used in the tincture (also known as a carrier oil) can influence whether you like the product's taste. Hemp seed oil is usually preferred, as it doesn’t have strong notes except light nuttiness. 

Other brands might use oils like olive, avocado, and even vegetable oil. All of these are good for your health, and some are rich in other nutrients like omega-3. However, olive oil has a distinctive herbal note, and coconut oil can also be overwhelming.

Try to stick to hemp seed or vegetable if you want less flavor over other possible benefits.

Start with Lower Concentrations

This might go without saying, but having more concentrated oils can result in an even more pungent taste. If you don’t like the taste or smell of hemp, go for oils with a lower concentration to aid with this. As you grow accustomed to the taste, you might want to adjust your dosing.

Choose Flavored CBD Oil

Oils come in all flavors, potencies, and sizes. Just make sure to check the ingredients list first and choose natural flavorings and terpenes over overly sweet and artificial products.

Some oils like the Evn CBD Oil are available in mint flavor, with broad spectrum versions available in 500mg or 1000mg dosages of CBD per each 30ml bottle.

Combine it with Food or Beverage Items That You Like

Here comes the fun part: choose oils with different flavors and use them in your favorite food! Mixing and matching can be fun, as you can try virgin CBD mojitos with just a mint oil substituting alcohol. Or if a mocktail is a little too far, just add some mint to a herbal tea or mineral water.

This way, you can have CBD discreetly and without having to endure the raw terpenes with each dropper.

Opt for Gummies or Capsules

Lastly, you can try other options that do not necessarily have a specific flavor, like gummies or capsules. Some gummies can still have a little flavor though, but some producers have sour gummies with citric acid that can cover the taste better.

Capsules are pretty much bland in flavor and most supplements only need water to gulp them down, so don’t worry about herbal tastes with those. These are a much simpler experience when compared to other methods, but if the taste is something you don’t want, they are pretty solid options.

Where to Buy the Best Tasting CBD Oil Online

Now that we’ve covered how to choose the best CBD oil, let’s go with our top recommendation to buy online. We are talking about the CBD Oil at the Evn store.

This natural oil comes in two presentations with 500mg or 1000mg of our top quality hemp-derived CBD extract. The oil is fully vegan, perfect for enjoying and decompressing after a long day or adding a few drops on your flask to help you with your daily activities.

The formula on this one is non-GMO and all organically sourced, with a broad spectrum nature. That means this oil has all other cannabinoids that provide synergy to each dropper with 0% THC traces, making it perfect for most users of all ages and backgrounds.

You can also get a Mint version of this tincture with natural terpenes and flavoring over here as well, perfect to add to your new mocktail or just some fresh tea on the go. "
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