What Is CBN In Gummies?

If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, CBN gummies are a convenient, discreet option for a gradual winddown and lasting rest. Different kinds of CBN gummies exist on the market, such as full-spectrum CBN gummies or those made with CBN isolate, as do different product formulations to meet various consumer needs. Whether you’re looking to CBN gummies for sleep or using CBN gummies for pain management, read on to learn everything you need to know about these infused cannabis treats.

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Key Takeaways:

  • CBN is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis that produces sedative effects

  • CBN gummies are a discreet, tasty, and convenient way to use CBN

  • Third-party lab results are essential to understand how much CBN is in your gummy and what other cannabinoids might be present.

What is CBN?

CBN is a cannabinoid found naturally in the cannabis plant that forms as the THC metabolizes or breaks down from light or oxygen exposure. While it’s considered a major cannabinoid, it exists in relatively minor quantities and appears more often in older cannabis plants.

Research has only scratched the surface of how CBN works in the body. Anecdotal reports claim it produces sedative effects that enhance the drowsiness already caused by THC and terpenes like myrcene. This could indicate that CBN partially blocks the CB1 receptors that take up THC, meaning it stays longer in your system. However, others claim CBN has little to zero effect.

CBN’s perceived sedative properties could make it a handy tool for those looking to address insomnia, soothe chronic pain, or stimulate an inactive appetite. In cannabis flower, high levels of CBN usually correspond with formerly high levels of THC, so very-potent buds that have aged will often produce higher than average CBN content.

What is CBN in Gummies?

With the rise in CBN’s popularity, many cannabis companies have started to create infused products using the cannabinoid. CBN gummies are one such product, where gummies are infused with extracted forms of CBN. The CBN can be either full/broad-spectrum, meaning additional cannabinoids like THC and CBD are present, or made from CBN isolate, meaning they don’t contain any other active cannabis compounds.

By evaluating third-party lab results, you can determine what kind of CBN is in your gummies. These certificates of analysis will tell you how much CBN is in each gummy and whether any additional cannabinoids are present. For example, our CBN Gummies contain 15 mg of CBN and 20 mg of CBD in each piece, perfectly complementing each other to provide deeper calm and restorative sleep.

Benefits and Risks of CBN Gummies

Potential Benefits

  • Strong and long-lasting effects can help those with insomnia sleep through the night
  • Gummies are a more discreet way to use CBN than smoking or vaping
  • Eating CBN gummies is safer for your lungs than smoking or vaping flower
  • Gummies purchased from reputable brands have an exact among of CBN per piece, meaning you can easily control your dose
  • Edibles’ effects last longer in the body (up to 12 hours), and little is needed to get therapeutic effects.

Potential Risks

  • Edibles like CBN gummies take one to two hours to start working, which may be challenging for those needing fast-acting relief.
  • It’s easy to take too much CBN – start with a very small amount and gradually increase your dose to figure out what works for you
  • Even in lab-tested products, soe edibles don’t contain the cannabinoid content they say on their packaging – that’s why we provide Certificates of Analysis on every gummy we sell!
  • Research is lacking, but one might build up a tolerance to CBN with too much use.

How to Use CBN in Gummies

When using CBN gummies, allowing time for the supplements’ effects to kick in is essential. After taking one, the average person will feel effects between 30-120 minutes, which is how long it takes for your digestive system to start metabolizing the CBN. If you’re using CBN gummies to sleep better, time taking your gummy at least an hour before you plan on heading to bed.

Be careful not to rush into taking an additional CBN gummy because you don’t feel the effects immediately. It’s best to start with low doses and only take more if you don’t feel the effects after 90 minutes. 

The Bottom Line

CBN gummies are delicious, discreet, and a convenient way to use CBN to achieve better sleep or manage pain. It’s important to start with low doses and gradually increase your intake as needed. With a bit of experimentation, treats like our lab-tested, organically-sourced CBN gummies offer a promising way to unwind and better rest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CBD and CBN?

CBD is the second-most prominent cannabinoid in cannabis and has energizing effects in low doses and tranquilizing properties in higher doses. CBN is more sedative and relaxing, and it’s possible that using CBD and CBN for sleep will produce more powerful results.

What are the side effects of CBN?

We lack sufficient research to know whether CBN produces any side effects. However, CBN’s sedative properties that can help those struggling with insomnia could be an unwanted side effect for others. CBN may also interact with other prescription drugs, so speak with a doctor before combining. 

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