What is the Best CBD for Dogs with Anxiety

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One of the greatest things that the 2018 Farm Bill has brought is the use of fully hemp-derived CBD products to potentially treat stress and anxiety symptoms in our bodies. Surprisingly enough, CBD (cannabidiol) has also reached the pet care market and can give natural support to our furry friends.

While there are a few things to consider, CBD has generally turned more popular. For this, we’ve created an easy guide to determine the best cannabidiol products for dogs that could have anxiety symptoms or even a few health problems like discomfort, inflammation, and joint pain.

If you are interested in giving cannabidiol to your pup and you are unsure if it is the right product, let’s explore together down below.

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound that has plenty of potential benefits, mainly supporting stress and anxiety effects.
  • CBD products won’t get your puppy high since they don’t have the psychoactive compound Delta-9 THC.
  • Full spectrum formulas have THC traces, which are not lethal but could be troublesome for certain breeds, while broad spectrum uses a cannabinoid mix without any THC.
  • Checking the ingredients list for dog products is pretty important, as human-focused products use additives and other compounds that could be detrimental to pets.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs with Anxiety?

The short answer to this is yes, but only if CBD does not contain any THC. The long answer gets a little more complicated, but let’s break down CBD products for dogs first. 

Let’s start with CBD, which is one of the six major cannabinoids found in hemp, and unlike THC, this compound does not produce psychoactive effects. Since 2018, the Federal Farm Bill act has made hemp products readily available, making CBD products more readily available, like oil or treats.

These products work similarly to human tinctures or dog treats but are infused with cannabidiol extract. And much like regular products, they usually are good for the same time as a regular treat would

Now, CBD can be helpful in treating certain anxiety symptoms in both humans and animals. There is research that this cannabinoid could aid with different anxiety symptoms in humans for multiple disorders, from simple stress feelings to PTSD anxiety and panic attacks.

Because of this, cannabidiol in certain products could support certain symptoms from our little friends, from aiding with reactivity and general energy overload to inflammation and joint pain from growing old.

Will CBD Make Your Dog High?

No! Cannabidiol does not have psychoactive properties, meaning it won’t get your furry friend high. The intoxicating compound in cannabis is Delta-9 THC (also known as THC), and hemp products are required to have less than 0.3% of THC to be federally legal.

This means that CBD extracted from industrial hemp is currently legal and is not intoxicated, and is easily usable both for recreational and medicinal use. This is important, as THC can be toxic to dogs. So when looking for products, stick with hemp products that can detail how much CBD they contain.

Now, rest assured that even without psychoactive properties, cannabidiol can have plenty of benefits for dogs. Some of the most important benefits come from the interaction of this compound in the endocannabinoid system, mainly acting as a mild sedative with analgesic properties.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Like other mammals, cats and dogs share the trait of having an endocannabinoid system. This part of our body is responsible for signaling our body from pain, stress, hunger, and lots of other things.

This turns the consumption of cannabidiol into something pretty useful for dogs, as it can provide potential aid with several types of anxiety, reactivity, and even problems with elder dogs, like inflammation and joint pain. 

Let’s review some of the benefits.

Noise Anxiety

As we mentioned above in the study, CBD has shown the potential to help with overall stress symptoms. With dogs, their ears and general audition are a lot more sensitive than ours. So, by aiding with the ECS system, your pup friend could feel more relaxed with stress and anxiety caused by strong sounds like music or lighting storms.


Some dogs can have stronger reactivity due to their energy levels, nervousness, or even chronic pain. For this, cannabidiol could potentially support your dog’s reactiveness and general mood by letting them relax and unfold without side effects.

Separation Anxiety

If you worked through the pandemic with your furry friend, they might suffer from something called separation anxiety. This diagnosis affects dogs that feel too close to their owners to the point of feeling high stress and anxiety symptoms due to feeling away from them.

CBD could be useful to support treatment against separation anxiety along with habit changes potentially. A few drops of CBD oil could aid this before going out, but some separation therapy could aid in calming down their energy as well.


This is one of the main points that could help elder dogs. Since CBD interacts with the furry friends’ ECS, it could lead to lower inflammation and act as a natural pain relief in certain areas. While we recommend asking your vet before trying it for specific inflammation, animal studies have shown great results as an analgesic compound, even for humans.

Joint pain

Lastly, some dog breeds might have problems with joints when growing old. This could result in chronic joint pain that could lower your pup’s quality of life with recurring pain and swelling. CBD could aid with this due to its sedative effect, mixed in with some inflammation relief, and even analgesic aid without having to roll pills in a piece of ham or something like that.

What is the Best CBD for Dogs with Anxiety

Now, when buying cannabidiol-based products for your furry friends, you want to have a few things in mind. We’d go for brands that have third party-lab reports, so you make sure that you get what you are buying in the ingredients.

This is important as our furry friends can’t eat the same things as us, including certain dyes and other food preservatives. For this, brands that use clean CBD products without any extras.

For this, the best CBD products for dogs got to have really high-quality and premium ingredients, like the products at our store. Evn uses vegan and fully gluten-free materials that just use the needed ingredients without any add-ons. 

While some brands claim that the same CBD oil works for both human and animal use, Evn uses a special formula that’s simpler and with just the nutrients needed for our furry friends.

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum CBD for Dogs

There are a few things to know about CBD oil before buying, mainly the difference between full Spectrum and broad Spectrum. While both formulas might seem similar, there is a fundamental difference that could change your experience when looking for cannabidiol-based products.

Let’s start with the full spectrum. This means that the cannabinoid extract has CBD, but also other primary chemicals that are used in the process. Some of the cannabinoids used include CBN, CBG, and terpenes, which are known to work in synergy with CBD.

Now, the main difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum is that the first one has traces of THC. The traces are not significant enough to make you feel intoxicated, but smaller dog breeds could feel affected by the concentration of THC.

Broad spectrum, on the other hand, does not have any single Delta-9 THC traces. This kind of extract still has a few other cannabinoids but skips the psychoactive compound completely, making it a safer option for dogs and other pets.

Where to Buy Pet CBD Online

If you want to try some of the benefits of CBD on your furry buds, you’ll want to try the products for pet health at the Evn store. We currently have two products, the CBD Dog Treats and the Natural CBD Oil for Dogs.

Our CBD Dog Treats are made with organic-sourced CBD extract, with 20 treats per pouch. The treats have 4mg of Cannabidiol each, making them a single piece great for big poochies or half a treat for medium or small breeds, depending on their size.

These puppy snacks use organic oat flour, oat bran, molasses, and coconut oil, making them all fully natural ingredients that won’t harm your pup.

Some people might have more pups with special treats, so the Natural CBD Oil for Dogs at the Evn store is perfect for pets to aid with pain conditions without changing their favorite snacks. This tincture has 500mg of our premium broad spectrum CBD per bottle.

This oil tincture is completely vegan, lab-tested, and has 0% of THC in its formula. If your dog already has a favorite treat, the tincture can be added to its food or treats without having to pull old tricks to get your pup to relax or feel relief.

You can also try the bundle, which includes both the Dog Treats and the Natural CBD Oil for Dogs over here, perfect for supporting your pups around the house.
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