Why Is CBD More Expensive Than Other Supplements?

We’re often asked “why are CBD products so expensive?” and “are your products more expensive than other CBD brands?” These are valid questions, so we thought the best way to answer them all would be to provide a little insight into exactly why CBD can be costly, and how this is indicative of quality.

Firstly, let’s think of CBD as if it were any other ingredient in our diets; quality and provenance are important, right? You like to know you’re eating healthy, well-sourced food that you can trace back to its roots. So in essence, the same principal goes for CBD.

As with any agricultural farming, the first set of costs come from the land itself, what it is you’re planting, and the farming and cultivation costs such as manual labor and equipment. Within these initial steps, you also need to factor in state regulations and any licenses or certifications which are required. Because our CBD is sourced from high-quality organic farms, the crops are free from fertilizers and pesticides. This means yield tends to be lower, making the hemp more expensive. We’re OK with this though, because quality is far more important than quantity.

Once the hemp plants are harvested, different compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc) need to be extracted from the plant. This is a lengthy and expensive process which requires state-of-the-art machinery. It’s followed by further extracting of certain components specific to our product (e.g. no THC) and distilling. As with every other step in the process, equipment and labor costs are also incurred here.

Different brands combine their CBD with different ingredients to create pills, oils, tinctures, edibles and so on. Our additional ingredients are selected and sourced with the same attitude to quality as the CBD itself; as clean and natural as possible. We use sugar, natural colorings and flavorings, and coconut oil. Sure, there are money-saving swaps we could do, like using corn syrup instead of sugar, but it wouldn’t be as healthy and the end product just wouldn’t be the same. While we want to keep the cost within reach for the majority, our aim is also to maintain our high standard with a quality product that works.

Once the product has reached its final stages, it needs to be tested for efficacy, purity and concentration. This is done by a third-party laboratory and once it’s passed all testing, it’s then ready to be bottled, packaged up and delivered. So, as you can see, from the moment that little seed is planted until the finished product arrives on your doorstep, the process is lengthy, labor-intensive and pretty costly.

While we all like to nab a bargain, when it comes to health supplements, it’s really not worth the extra dollars. As awareness of CBD’s healing potential continues to spread and the market becomes more saturated with products, it’s really important that you look to higher-quality, laboratory-tested CBD that’s derived from organic hemp.

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