Fun Games to Play While High

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There are plenty of reasons we use cannabis, but a crucial one for many is to simply enjoy the high it offers. THC can make sights and sounds more exciting and humorous moments with friends, or even alone, all the more hilarious.

Throughout history, humans have enjoyed playing games, so of course it only makes sense that getting cozy with some fun games is an incredibly entertaining high activity.

If you need a fun game to share with your friends at your next group smoke sesh, or simply want to dive into something on your own, take a deep dive as we explore some of the most fun games to play while high.

Weed Smoking Games

When you’re smoking with friends, adding a game element to the mix can make things all the more exciting. This is most suitable for seasoned consumers, as some of these options will definitely get you stoned, so be sure to check in with your buddies and yourself to ensure you don’t overdo it!

A number of popular drinking games can easily be reformatted to center around cannabis instead of alcohol! This can also be a great option for groups with a mix of drinkers and smokers, though we do not recommend mixing cannabis and alcohol. Be sure to stick with one or the other if you decide to go this route.

Almost any drinking game can be made into a smoking game, these are just a few ideas — just be sure you have plenty of weed and pieces before you start!

Bong Pong: This is exactly what it sounds like, beer pong — just with weed! The setup is the same: a long table, 20 plastic cups, and a ping pong ball. Rather than drinking, simply take a fat bong rip!

Never Have I Ever: A classic party game that often involves alcohol, everyone puts up 10 fingers and names something they’ve never done. If you’ve done it, take a hit from a pipe or bong. The last person with their fingers up is the winner, and you’ll all surely end the round feeling nice and stoney, along with plenty of laughs and revealing insights!

Movie Smoking Games: You’ll have to search for specific rules that go with specific movies, but plenty of films have drinking games associated with them. Simply take a hit instead of drinking! Most involve a certain word or phrase being uttered, a character appearing on the screen, a sex scene or any number of other prompts that usher watchers to take — in this case — a hit!

Video Games to Play While High

Cannabis consumers come in all forms. There are plenty of stoners who love to get down with intense video games that may involve hours of grinding to defeat a single boss or complete a single task.

Gaming and cannabis are a great combination, but some of the most enjoyable games to play high tend to be quicker and more casual.

Jackbox Party: This interactive team game just requires a TV and a smartphone for each player. It definitely gets you thinking, but it can be extra silly when you add cannabis into the mix. There is an ever-growing number of party packs to choose from, and the different options always keep things fresh. That said, you may opt for a sativa, since this game definitely requires some brain power and gets your creative juices flowing.

(Runs on PC/Mac desktops or laptops, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, iPads, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV)

Fall Guys: This party royale game is a massive online multiplayer experience you can play with friends locally or by yourself, involving a number of obstacle courses and all about survival. The colors are especially vibrant, the characters and costumes are absurd, and it’s easy to get lost in the fun for hours as you attempt to be the last one standing. There are also a few additional options, like free-for-alls and cooperative challenges. It’s goofy, challenging, and simply a blast to dive into sober or high.

(Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X and Series S)

Animal Crossing: If you’re hanging out alone and feeling mellow, Animal Crossing is arguably one of the most relaxing games you’ll find. While there are a number of iterations, they all involve tending to a town, interacting with villagers, and enhancing the region to your liking. All of the game designs are incredibly cute, the colors are vibrant, and the music sounds especially nice when you’re high. Plus, you can do essentially whatever you want — there are some broader goals to achieve, but you can also take it easy and catch some bugs or go fishing.

(Available on Nintendo consoles)

*For those without a Switch or Nintendo legacy console, Stardew Valley is a very fun, comparable option available on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation VITA, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android)

Any Mario Game: Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Mario has been around since the ‘80s, and even for those gamers who have played countless hours of each game, there’s something magical about returning to some of those oldies, like the Super Mario Bros. series and Super Mario World, or embracing the newer 3D offerings, like Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Odyssey — especially while you’re high.

If you’re with friends, Mario Party and Mario Kart are always a blast as well!

(Available on Nintendo consoles)

Board and Card Games

Of course, board games are another great option to explore while you’re stoned with friends — you just may go over the rules with newbies before consuming!

Cards Against Humanity: This Apples to Apples-inspired game started as an online, print-it-yourself offering and has since become a huge hit over the years. The outrageous and often inappropriate cards are used to complete certain phrases, and you’re simply going for the funniest, most absurd, or most interesting answer — typically suited to the person posing the prompt. It’s a good way to see how well you know your friends and provides plenty of laughs.

(See also: What Do You Meme?, and plenty of other games that have rolled with this same model.)

Settlers of Catan: This game takes you back to a different time, using an eclectic game board and cards while players exchange resources in an attempt to conquer the island and get 10 points to win the game. This one involves some strategy and once again may be best suited for a nice sativa, but gameplay can easily get extremely competitive as players battle for their place as the top Settler of Catan.

Uno: This one’s a classic, what can we say? For a card game, Uno can get incredibly intense, especially among close friends. Some games end in no time, while others persist for hours. Plus, everyone tends to have their own house rules to really spice things up.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing like a good game with friends or on your own when you’re high. While this list is far from exhaustive, we hope these options provide a solid jumping off point the next time you indulge in some Mary Jane and feel in the mood to dive into a fun game!

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