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Evn CBD Oil Tinctures

At Evn, we focus on quality over quantity. All of our CBD oils come from organic hemp. They are harvested skillfully and manufactured meticulously. We use premium grade CO2 equipment to extract CBD from our hemp plants.


Hemp-based products are becoming more popular and more widely available throughout the United States. Our broad-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) maintains beneficial compounds native to the hemp plant including flavonoids, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids.


Why use Evn CBD Oil?

Do a quick Google of CBD hemp oil. Go ahead. We’ll wait. It’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? There are thousands of different products and offerings. Evn CBD is a step above the rest when it
comes to the quality of our pure CBD oil for sale. While you may not know the difference in classifications of hemp oil products, do know that Evn CBD uses ‘broad-spectrum’ CBD products – meaning we have 0.00% traces of THC in our products, making it usable for both working professionals and athletes. If you’re worried about trace amounts of THC in your cannabidiol oil, you don’t need to worry when you choose Evn CBD. We use a low-temperature CO2 extraction method and third-party testing so that you are assured purity and quality with
our oils.

Are all CBD Oils the same?

The short answer is no – some ‘pure’ CBD oils are churned out a dime-a-dozen by some companies. That’s not the way we work. We cultivate our CBD oil with the utmost care. We ensure that all of our products – not just the oils, but our gummies and topicals too – are sourced from organic hemp plants, and are tested rigorously.

Where does Evn CBD hemp oil come from?

With Evn CBD, rest assured that all of our products originate in the United States of America from organic, Colorado, family-owned hemp farms.

What are some cannabidiol CBD oil benefits?

CBD oil benefits will ultimately vary from person to person. Even though it is not designed to be used as a treatment, cure or diagnostic substance for ailments, many people report feeling an increased sense of calm, balance, and focus.

Why is Evn CBD better than the rest?

We are not part of the big, corporate dilution. Evn CBD isn’t run by a big board of CEOs. We’re regular people like you who enjoy the benefits of CBD products and have experienced them ourselves. We use and believe in our own products, so we know they’re top-notch. We source our hemp plants from farms here in the United States and make certain they’re organically grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides. After harvesting, we use a minimally invasive extraction procedure, and then submit our products to third-party testing to make certain that you’re getting the purest CBD oil on the market.

What is the best use of Evn CBD’s hemp oil?

The best uses of Evn CBD hemp oil vary from person to person and what they’re looking to use the oil for. Many people agree that CBD oil works best for improving your wellbeing, others believe it can be used as a simple quality of life improvement supplement, while others believe it can hone focus, and aid a sense of stillness and calm.

Can CBD be used for pain relief?

Our products are not meant to diagnose or cure any condition or ailment, however, many people use Evn CBD oil for pain relief, recovery from exercise or physical exertion, and to promote and maintain wellness.

Can hemp CBD oil treat anxiety?

Evn CBD oil and products aren’t designed to treat or cure any ailments, including anxiety. That said, our products do promote a sense of calm and are useful for managing daily stress.

Does CBD oil aid with aching muscles?

Athletes do use Evn CBD oil for aching muscles and joints as a part of their post-workout recovery, however, Evn CBD oils aren’t designed to treat or cure any ailments, and the results will vary from person to person.