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    "[for] specific sore spots ... you can make the most of your relaxed state by rubbing a little Evn CBD salve on those knots."

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Evn CBD Topical Products

Our CBD topical products are high-quality and easy to use. Evn CBD salve is a departure from other run-of-the-mill CBD products: it is 500 mg of CBD goodness, with added eucalyptus and lavender oils to soothe the senses. Evn CBD cream helps soothes sore muscles with a cooling effect, while moisturizing dry skin.


Most of the time when you’re looking for CBD products, you’ll probably notice that all of the products come in the form of something you can eat or drink: oil, edibles, etc. While we are happy to extol the virtues of these (and have products to meet this need should you wish it), sometimes applying a CBD topical to a specific body part is more helpful. If you’re looking to pin-point a problem area, having our Evn CBD topicals can come in handy.


What should I expect during my first time trying CBD topicals?

Our CBD topical products are designed to be soothing for the particular part of your body you apply it to. If you’re looking for an all-around effect on your whole body, you’ll probably have more luck with an oil or an edible. However, if you’re looking for localized exposure from a CBD product, our salve or cream is your best bet.

What are some CBD cream benefits?

There are a number of reasons that someone may use our Evn CBD cream. While some people use it to feel a soothing, relieving sensation on a particular part of their body, others use it for moisturization with an extra CBD kick. It’s really up to you to find your own benefits.

How much CBD cream should I use?

As a beginner, it’s probably smart to start with a small dab of CBD cream or salve and rub it directly onto a specific area of your body. From there, use as much or as little as you feel comfortable with based on how your skin and body reacts to it.

What makes Evn CBD topicals better than others?

We source our CBD from premium, family-owned hemp farms, and extract the CBD with a low-temperature CO2 process that makes certain no damage is done to the purity of the CBD extracted. What makes us better than the rest? Our commitment to the quality of our products and keeping the promises we make to our customers.

Can hemp CBD topicals be used for pain relief?

Our products are not meant to diagnose or cure any medical condition or ailment, however many people do use Evn CBD topical products to relieve mild pain.

Can CBD topicals help athletes?

The answer to this question really depends on what you want help with. If you’re looking for post-exercise, or post-competition soothing relief, then definitely.

CBD topicals affect different people in different ways. One thing you can always count on, however, is that Evn CBD utilizes pure CBD, without any traces of THC, so you’ll never be using a ‘banned substance’.

Can CBD topical creams treat arthritis?

While some people may experience some soothing sensations, this product is not designed to cure or treat arthritis or any other medical condition.