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Small Batch - Functional Formulas

ALL of our products are made in small batches, using only the highest quality extracts. Sometimes we make as little as 100 bottles or jars of a product at a time. (This is why we are out of stock frequently!) We view this as an advantage over companies who mass produce. We do not miss the details - our targeted formulas are crafted with love and care.

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Relationships Matter

We maintain close relationships with the farms we work with, ensuring high quality extracts. This is something lost on a lot of the industry.

alex puccio in the gym

Alex Puccio

A sit down with 11x National Rock Climbing Champion, Alex Puccio, discussing growth mindset, setbacks in her career, and her recovery regimen.

"Evn keeps their lineup simple, however, they also work incredibly hard to ensure they do them well."


Stressed, anxious, moody, I’ve been there! I have dealt (and still deal with) my fare-share of hectic days. I’ve also tried everything under the sun to help. That’s why when I discovered how much cannabinoids, including CBD and microdoses of THC, helped me feel more centered, calm, and balanced, I wanted to share it with the world by creating the highest quality products on the market. Initially, I introduced products to friends and family, but over time, the friend circle grew, and so did we. Today, Evn products are used by world-renowned professional athletes and busy parents alike!

- Josh Krumholz, CEO

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