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Best Strains for Anxiety and ADHD

Research suggests that specific elements of cannabis strains can help to benefit symptoms related to anxiety and ADHD.

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Best Strains for Social Anxiety

Some sativa, hybrid, and indica strains can help ease anxiety. Looking at the cannabinoid content and dose is also a good idea when considering strains for anxiety.

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Best Strains for Seniors

There are many strains that can benefit seniors. Indicas, sativas, and hybrids all offer specific benefits that can work to relieve symptoms of seniors.

different cannabis extracts in jars

What is Live Resin Badder?

Live resin badder is a variation of live resin, distinguished by its slightly different extraction process and unique, creamy texture.

yellow damiana flower

Can You Smoke Damiana?

There have been no major side effects reported from smoking Damiana, though it’s best to pace yourself as you explore this smokable herb.

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Fun Games to Play While High

There are plenty of reasons we use cannabis, but a crucial one for many is to simply enjoy the high it offers. THC can make sights and sounds more exciting and humorous moments with friends, or ev...

cbd brownies cut into squares

The Best CBD Brownie Recipe: Quick and Easy Steps!

CBD brownies are just the same dessert enhanced with CBD! If you’re not familiar, or need a refresher, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis. That means CBD, and CBD brow...