Benefits of CBD for Old Dogs

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For most of us, our dogs are like family. They're there when we need them the most, which means we have to be there when they need us the most. As dogs start to age, just like us humans, they will start to suffer from a variety of health issues. Things like pain, lack of appetite, joint problems, digestion issues, inability to sleep, and other issues are all fairly common with aging dogs.

Sure, there are many routes that you could choose to try and treat any one of these symptoms, but when it comes down to it, there might not be anything better than some good old CBD. 

Although more research is required on this front, there are some pretty strong indications that CBD can be great for old dogs, especially in treating the variety of age-related symptoms we just mentioned above. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of CBD for all dogs and why you might want to consider giving your aging pup some CBD.

Key Takeaways

  • As dogs age, they begin to suffer from health complications like pain, lack of appetite, and digestion issues.
  • CBD has become a great way to help older dogs manage the symptoms associated with those conditions. 
  • Evn has an amazing line of CBD products for dogs that may help your old dog deal with issues like pain, lack of appetite, and sleep.


Benefits of CBD for Old Dogs

There are quite a few different benefits that CBD might have for old dogs. Once again, do keep in mind that there is more research required on exactly how CBD can help old or aging dogs, but there are some pretty strong indications that it can be advantageous for them in a variety of ways. 

Let's take a look.

CBD May Help to Reduce Pain

In terms of maintaining a good quality of life, pain management is one of the most important aspects for old dogs. Old dogs may have chronic progressive disease, have gone through surgery, have suffered injuries, or have something like arthritis. 

CBD is thought to help reduce pain, as it helps regulate the production of a chemical in the brain that is known as anandamide.

If there is more of this chemical in the body, it is thought to help reduce the sensation of pain, reducing the amount of pain your dog feels. CBD oil is also thought to help reduce inflammation in various parts of the body.

Seeing as inflammation is a big part of why many aging dogs feel pain, CBD can definitely have some benefits. Sure, there are other pain medications that you could give your dog, but they are generally very expensive and come with some pretty serious side effects that you probably don't want your dog to have to suffer through. 

If your old dog is in pain, then our own CBD Dog Treats might be exactly what they need.

CBD May Increase Appetite

Another issue that many aging dogs suffer from is that they have a lack of appetite. This is not good at all because the older your dog gets, the more energy and nutrients they need to maintain their physical health. Those nutrients are vital for preventing serious diseases in their old age, maintaining good energy levels, and more.

That said, the older dogs get, the less they tend to eat, which is of course a big problem. Therefore, using some CBD to help increase their appetite might be a good solution for your aging dog. It is thought that CBD has the potential to help increase appetite, therefore keeping your dog eating and healthy.

Sure, there are other appetite stimulants that a veterinarian might prescribe for your dog, but those tend to be expensive, and just like with pain medications, may also have serious side effects. If your dog is having trouble eating, our very own Natural CBD Oil for Dogs might be what they need to get their appetites going. 

CBD Fights Nausea in Elderly Dogs

Some elderly dogs might also suffer from nausea and vomiting, which could just be due to old age, or due to other underlying conditions. CBD is thought to help decrease nausea and vomiting in elderly dogs.

Obviously, if your dog is nauseous and vomiting, they're not going to eat very much, which will result in them getting weaker, and ultimately increase their chances of developing some sort of old age-related disease. The bottom line is that CBD may very well have the potential to keep your dog eating as much as they need to be healthy, even as they age. 

CBD May Aid with Anxiety

Although we can't directly ask dogs, it is thought that elderly dogs often suffer from issues such as anxiety and stress. Although dogs might not be as intelligent as humans, they do certainly have emotions and mental issues. Loud noises, separation from their owners, deaths, and more can lead dogs to become anxious and stressed.

Then, due to this, dogs might make messes in your home, destroy objects in your house, bark too much, or even become aggressive. There is a specific study that shows that CBD may be able to help reduce anxiety and stress in dogs while also helping to improve their mood. 

With dogs feeling less stressed out and anxious, they're also less likely to make a mess in your home, destroy objects, or show aggression. 

CBD May Help Relieve Joint Problems

Aging dogs often suffer from joint problems, especially in the knees and hips, characterized by massive amounts of inflammation that result in great amounts of pain, immobility, and inflexibility.

It is thought that the same cannabinoid receptors in the body that help to relieve anxiety and stress also help to reduce pain and inflammation and even help to reduce the pain associated with damaged nerves.

Although CBD may not help with all joint pain issues out there, it can certainly help ease inflammation, particularly that caused by worn down and old cartilage. If your dog is having trouble walking, some CBD might be exactly what they need to help increase their mobility. 

CBD May Help Improve Digestion

As dogs get older, their digestive tracts may slow down a bit, so they might not absorb as many nutrients as they should. At the same time, older dogs often have issues with digestion, which may sometimes result in constipation, diarrhea, or vomiting.

CBD is thought to help improve digestion and regulate metabolic health, which may help prevent diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, while allowing dogs to absorb all the nutrients they ingest. 

CBD May Reduce Gastrointestinal Diseases

Not only do all dogs sometimes suffer from poor digestion, but they can also suffer from a variety of gastrointestinal diseases. Things like bloating, leaky gut, IBS, and stomach swelling are all fairly common in older dogs. 

There are some studies out there that show that CBD may be able to help relieve the symptoms associated with these gastrointestinal issues, particularly irritable bowel syndrome. 

CBD Supports a Good Night Sleep

If your dog is getting older, they might have trouble sleeping. There are some studies out there that show that CBD may be able to help increase the quality and duration of sleep that your aging dog gets. On a side note, this is a benefit that you, as a human, could reap as well.


CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Just like with humans, many elderly dogs may develop arthritis, which is characterized by the swelling or inflammation of the joints. CBD may be able to help reduce both pain and inflammation; it might be the perfect remedy for your aging dog suffering from arthritis. It can also help keep them more mobile.


CBD Oil for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a deformity of the hip that often occurs during growth, which can then lead to extreme pain, inflammation, and degenerative joint disease. Although CBD is not able to prevent or cure hip dysplasia, it may be able to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with it. In other words, although it might not cure the issue, it can help increase your dog's quality of life. 


Where to Buy CBD for Old Dogs

If you’re looking for quality CBD products to help your elder dog have a better quality of life, we highly recommend you treat your furry friend to our CBD products for pets. For something fun and delicious, go with the CBD Dog Treats. These fully organic treats deliver a nice 4mg dose of CBD to your dog.

If you want something easier to administer, then our CBD Oil for Dogs might be better. This oil is made with the same quality that our human CBD oil, because we believe your dog deserves only the best.  You can administer a few drops directly into your dog’s mouth or add them to his food.

And finally, if you want the best of both worlds, get our CBD Oil for Dogs + CBD Dog Treats Bundle. Not only will you get both products but also save some money in the process! 

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