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Sativa Gummies

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Keep it moving with Evn’s Sativa Gummies, infused with single-strain rosin. Enjoy the uplifting sativa effects and the synergistic blend of THC and CBD in each gummy, complete with a zesty mandarin orange flavor sure to help give you the boost you need.

  • Infused with single-strain, solventless rosin
  • Made with Hawaiian Haze, a sativa strain known for its social and active effects, perfect to keep you energized and ready to take on the day.
  • Mandarin orange flavor
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • 5 mg THC + 5 mg CBD per gummy
  • 20 gummies per package

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Organic Tapioca, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Hemp Flower Rosin, Delta 9 THC, Vegetable and Fruit Powders (color), Fruit Oils (flavor), Sodium Citrate, Coconut Oil.

How To Use

Serving Size: 1/2 gummy
Suggested Use: Take 1/2 gummy daily or as needed


    Sourced from organically-grown, family-run farms.


    Tested by ISO 17025 accredited, third-party independent labs.


    Money-back guarantee.


    On U.S. Orders over $25.

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sativa gummies next to a mandarin orange

THC Sativa Gummies Infused with a Single-Strain: Hawaiian Haze

Made with Hawaiian Haze, a sativa strain known for its social and active effects, perfect to keep you energized and ready to take on the day.

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What are Sativa Gummies?

Simply put, sativa gummies are cannabis edibles infused with cannabinoids — usually THC or CBD —- from sativa cannabis strains. Most consumers are familiar with sativa strains’ well-known abilities to energize, focus on tasks, and improve moods. The mechanics of how sativas (or indicas) work in the body are more complex, but most consumers want to know how sativa gummies will affect them.

Sativa gummies come in many varieties, flavors, forms, and even shapes. Most manufacturers craft sativa gummies with cannabis-infused gelatin, though some are made with fruit pectin and other ingredients. Sativa THC or CBD gummies come as small candy treats, available in different flavors and easy to carry whenever you need a pick-me-up.

There are dozens of sativa gummies from which to choose, and not all of them generate the same experience. It’s vital to source your sativa gummies from a reliable, lab-tested producer with consistent dosing so you can expect the same experience every time.

Check out our THC and CBD sativa gummies, each with 5 mg per gummy in zesty mandarin orange flavor. Each cube is infused with hemp rosin from the Hawaiian Haze strain, well-known for its fatigue-fighting and uplifting effects.

Benefits of Sativa Gummies

Sativa gummies benefit a user by elevating mood, producing a more energized, social you. However, each person's experience is different, so it is important to start with a low dosage and increase slowly.

What Do Sativa Gummies Do For You?

Sativa gummies most commonly produce heightened creativity, elevated moods, a burst of energy. Most individuals choose sativa gummies to make everyday activities more enjoyable, whether engaging in arts and crafts or adventuring on an outdoor hike.

Can You Get Sativa in A Gummy?

Absolutely, many sativa gummies exist on the market. Our gummies features top-quality hemp-derived rosin gummies sourced from Hawaiian Haze, a celebrated sativa strain.

Sativa Gummy Effects

Hundreds of sativa gummies and other products exist for sale, with varying effects that differ from person to person. It’s essential to recognize that cannabis interacts differently with an individual’s metabolism, weight, and unique endocannabinoid system. But there are some effects sativa gummies consumers consistently mention that we can cover here.

Sativa gummies’ effects vary depending on whether they’re primarily THC or CBD-infused. Sativa edibles may increase energy and elevate moods. These effects make sativas handy for battling fatigue for those who generally struggle with low energy, especially during the daytime.

Many replace or complement their morning cup of coffee with a sativa gummy, enjoying a long-lasting stretch of good moods and focused energy. Others also choose sativa gummies to increase their creativity, either in the realm of problem-solving or artistic endeavors.

It’s essential to start with smaller amounts to determine how sativa THC gummies work for you before gradually increasing your dose size.

Those who want sativa-like energy without the more cerebral high may opt for sativa CBD gummies, which can provide many of the same focusing effects while mitigating any potential anxiety from taking too much.

Where to Buy Sativa Gummies

Our sativa gummies with THC and CBD are available for sale directly on our site (on this page!). They are legal to ship because the THC is sourced from hemp, and the total THC content is below .3% THC. Each gummy contains hemp rosin sourced from the hemp Hawaiian Haze strain, known and celebrated for its energizing, focusing properties and potent effects.

Shop our sativa gummies today!

Do Sativa Edibles Energize You?

The effects of sativa gummies primarily depend on the user’s tolerance, physiology, and endocannabinoid system. Most often, people report energizing, mood-boosting, and focusing effects when using sativa edibles.