Best Weed Strains For Sex

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Cannabis is known to heighten senses, and many cannabis consumers will attest that weed  can enhance any day-to-day experience. From simply taking a walk and taking in the sights and sounds, to soaking in a movie, music, or just hanging out with friends, a little cannabis often goes a long way, giving any number of activities that extra boost of stimulation and fun.

This principle of sensory amplification and enhancement also applies to sex.

Sex is already a highly pleasurable and sensory experience, and a little bit of cannabis with a partner can easily make a great sexual experience even better.

If you’re looking for the best weed for sex, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to explore how cannabis can affect sex, some tips and tricks for using cannabis with sex, and our top strains to use before having some fun between the sheets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cannabis can improve mood, increase energy, lessen sex-related tension and stress, and relax the body, which can all contribute to better sex.

  • Start slow, know your dosage, and check in with your partner when using cannabis for sexual enhancement.

  • Flower and inhalable options are best for immediate effects, but infused oils and lubes are available, encouraging localized effects and no head high.

  • The best strains for arousal depend on what benefits you’re after.

How Does Cannabis Affect Sex?

There is limited existing research around cannabis and sex, and available research is often anecdotal, coming from survey participant responses instead of from controlled trials. So, it’s important to take some of the information around sex and cannabis with a grain of salt.

That said, we already know that cannabis can potentially improve mood, increase energy, relax the body and mind, and reduce stress. All of these effects can work innately to offer an enhanced sexual experience. Cannabis has also been shown to increase blood flow and heighten skin nerve receptor sensitivity, which could contribute to heightened sensory responses during sex.

Cannabis also interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps control a number of functions in the body and brain, including sexual function and arousal.

Using Cannabis for Sex

There are a number of things to keep in mind when using cannabis with sex.

Make sure you understand your dose. Be sure to start small. You can always work your way to a higher dose, but if you’re too high to have an enjoyable sexual experience, the only solution is to wait until some of the effects wear off — not the ideal when you’re eager for intimacy.

When it comes to THC sexual products, you have several options. If you’re not after a psychoactive high but still want to enhance your sexual experience, you may check out a topical option, like a cannabis-infused oil or lubricant. Bear in mind that these THC sex products will provide localized sensations, so they will help to enhance sex and sexual sensations, but they won’t get you high like flower, vaporizers, tinctures, and edibles will.

Edibles are another option, but unless you’re using something fast-acting, you may find yourself waiting a while to experience the full effects.

For immediate, psychoactive effects, smoking and vaping are ideal options. Once again, you can easily start small and work up to a dose that feels most comfortable for sex, your needs, and your partner’s needs.

Finally, when exploring weed strains for sex, it’s important to understand exactly what you want to enhance in your sexual experience. Are you trying to calm nerves and anxiety? Are you looking to have more energy and be more focused? Maybe you want to relax your body.

In any case, there are a number of strains for arousal that fit the bill.

Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

Before we dive in, bear in mind that we made sure to highlight strains that lead to a variety of potential effects. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We included five strains that are often considered some of the best for sex, but as you continue to explore other options, consider your own sexual experience and the effects that would enhance it.

Luckily, there is plenty of great weed for sex!

Sour Diesel

This staple sativa strain is great for sex if you’re looking for a nice balance of pep with a bit of ease. The high-energy strain is rich in the limonene terpene, which can create an uplifting sense of euphoria and energy. The terpene modulates adenosine receptors, which are responsible for prompting the release of dopamine and increasing serotonin levels. Balancing it out is the myrcene terpene, which can help to promote a sense of ease, lower inhibitions, and stimulate physical sensations.

This well-balanced option will up your energy without having you bouncing off the walls, enhance physical effects, and create a sense of calm. Sour Diesel is without a doubt one of the best strains for sex.

Northern Lights

This indica strain is perfect if you’re looking to ease tension and stress before sex. Northern Lights often promotes a sense of euphoria that travels throughout the body, leading to more relaxed muscles and a more relaxed mind. Start slow with this one, as too much Northern Lights could leave you skipping the sex to take a nap instead.

This is an ideal option to help ease in a bit, especially great for people who need a little push to get in the mood or who typically grapple with anxiety associated with sex. Northern Lights is perfect for slowing down and enjoying the moment.

Wedding Cake

Another well-balanced option, Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid, 60% indica and 40% sativa, that promotes feelings of relaxation and euphoria, helping to calm the body and the mind. Wedding Cake is typically not as sedating as a strain like Northern Lights, and the energizing limonene in this strain especially provides a bit of a boost to stimulate energy and focus.

Wedding Cake is a well-rounded option for folks who may want a bit more body relaxation while still maintaining a clear and focused head. Keep in mind that Wedding Cake is known for its fairly high THC content, so take it slow to avoid overdoing its psychoactive effects.


Dosido is another solid indica-dominant hybrid strain, 70% indica and 30% sativa, promoting relaxing effects and an all-around feeling of euphoria, perfectly suited for sex. The caryophyllene terpene in Dosido may further enhance these effects, lowering muscle tension and stress, while the limonene adds a bit of energy to the mix.

Dosido is ideal for anyone looking to ease in, take it slow, and stay in the moment. Even though it veers toward the more relaxing and mellow strains on this list, Dosido is also stimulating and euphoric.


If you’re looking to increase your energy and enhance your mood before getting physical, Mimosa is a great option. This hybrid strain is known for its mood-boosting properties, also providing an uplifting buzz of energy and sharpening your attention, partially because of its high limonene levels. The myrcene can also help to calm the nerves, so don’t expect to be so elevated that you become paranoid.

Mimosa could be an ideal option for morning sex or afternoon delight. No matter the time of day, if you’re looking for a little extra energy without getting too heady, you won’t go wrong with this strain.

Final Thouhts

Cannabis can easily elevate a fun activity into something extraordinary, and sex is no exception. When exploring cannabis strains for sex, it’s important to focus on what would make sex better for you and your partner.

Since sex is obviously a physical activity, involving intimacy and connection with others, it’s important to take it slow and know your dose. Too much of a heady sativa may leave you feeling a bit too wired or racy to enjoy sex, while overdoing a sedating indica may have you ready for bed instead.

Often, simply experimenting and exploring what works for you and your partner is the best place to start, and ensure to communicate before and after to see what was successful and what might be better next time. Cannabis has a lot to offer, and who are we to say no to better sex?


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