Can You Take CBD Oil During The Day?

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CBD is quickly sweeping the nation by storm, and for a good reason, because it may very well have a wide variety of benefits for both the mind and the body. 

Because of this, the use of CBD for many purposes has become both common and popular. As the years go on, the usefulness of CBD in helping with various ailments is becoming clearer and clearer. That said, in the grand scheme of things, the use of CBD by the greater public is still quite new, so people do have questions.

One of the questions is can you take CBD oil during the day? Another thing that many people wonder is when is the best time to take CBD oil. These questions, and many more, are what we are here to address right now, so let’s find out when and why you might want to take CBD oil.


Key Takeaways

  • CBD can be used for pain and inflammation relief, as a mood regulator, for sleep, and more. 
  • CBD can be taken in many forms, including oils, tinctures, edibles, powder, and more, plus it can be vaped and smoked too. 
  • A person should take roughly 0.25 mg of CBD per pound of body weight. 


What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the main cannabinoids found in both hemp and marijuana plants. 

CBD is quickly becoming very popular for many reasons, one of which is that it is generally non-intoxicating. In other words, it is not psychoactive and will not make you feel high, yet it supposedly has many benefits for both the human mind and body.

As you are about to find out, CBD can come in many forms, everything from oils and tinctures to creams and topicals, all the way to CBD flower, concentrates for vaping, and more. Let’s move on and figure out why you might want to try some CBD oil.


What Are the Benefits of Using CBD?

Although there is a bit more research required, CBD is thought to have many different benefits for us humans, both for our minds and bodies. Let’s take a quick look at the main benefits of CBD.

One of the main reported benefits of CBD is the relief of pain and inflammation. It is thought that CBD may be a very powerful anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve all sorts of inflammation in the body and acting as a pain reliever.

It is also thought that CBD may act as an analgesic by itself, or in other words, as a pain killer that helps to block the brain from receiving pain signals. Whether we are talking about being an anti-inflammatory or an analgesic, CBD should help provide pain and inflammation relief.

Although a bit more research is required on this front, it is thought that CBD does also act as somewhat of a mood regulator, particularly useful for people with high stress levels and anxious thoughts. 

It is thought that CBD may interact with the serotonin receptors in the brain, effectively causing the brain to produce more serotonin. Serotonin is one of these brain chemicals that makes you feel happy, elated, calm, less stressed, and less anxious.

Due to the way in which CBD supposedly helps to regulate mood, it is thought that the regular consumption of CBD may also be able to help you sleep better at night.


How to Consume CBD

Now that we know what CBD is and what potential benefits it may have, let’s take a look at all of the different ways it can be taken.

Oils and Tinctures

One of the most common ways to take CBD is in the form of an oil or a tincture (tincture is really just a fancy way of saying that an oil is infused with something, CBD in this case). These are made by adding CBD extract into a carrier oil, or simmering the CBD directly into the oil from flower.

These can have various concentrations of CBD. The most common way to consume CBD oil is sublingually, which means placing it under the tongue. This method allows for very fast absorption into the body, although it doesn’t taste fantastic.

CBD oil can also be put in drinks or mixed into foods. With these consumption methods, the absorption rate is not nearly as fast, although it helps mask the taste. However, the direct ingestion of pure CBD oil can cause upset stomachs.


Another way of taking CBD is in capsules. Here, you will find either highly concentrated CBD oil or CBD isolate inside food-grade capsules. It’s more or less the same as ingesting oil, but the oil has a cover on the outside that stops it from being instantly absorbed.

Many people like taking CBD capsules because they are easier to dose with. Moreover, you also don’t get that nasty oil taste or texture in your mouth. The only downside, when compared to oil or tincture, is that the capsules take a little longer to break down and be absorbed.


Another super popular way of taking CBD is by vaping. Here, CBD is turned into an oil or concentrate, such as shatter or wax, which is then vaporized. This combustion-free way of inhaling CBD is considered much healthier than smoking, which is one big advantage over smoking.

Plus, CBD concentrates are far more potent than CBD flower, so it takes much less to get the job done.

If you like the flavor of hemp and like tasting that vapor, then vaping is definitely an option. The advantage that vaping has over ingesting CBD is that it absorbs much faster.

When you vape, that CBD hits your blood streams almost instantly, within seconds, instead of potentially hours, such as with edibles. However, the effects also don’t last nearly as long, plus vaping probably still isn’t that good for your respiratory system. 

Smoking CBD Flower

Another fairly popular way to take CBD is by smoking CBD hemp flower (or sometimes CBD in marijuana flower, if it is legal where you live). This is of course one of the oldest ways to consume both CBD and THC. 

Pick it, roll it, light it, and smoke it. If you don’t mind smoking and aren’t too worried about your lungs, then this is a fine method to consider.

Flower usually won’t be too potent, so don’t expect the CBD percentage to be above 20%, at the very most, so it’s a good way to consume smaller quantities of it. Smoking, just like vaping, is also rather instant in terms of absorption, but the effects also won’t last that long. 

When it comes to it, as far as modern times are concerned, smoking has become one of the least favorite methods of consumption. 

CBD Powder

CBD powder, otherwise known as CBD isolate powder, is an almost 100% pure form of CBD that is extracted from hemp plants. CBD powder can be mixed in with food and drinks, put into tinctures, turned into edibles, or even smoked with your flower.

Creams and Ointments

CBD is also available in topical creams and ointments, which means that they are designed for external use and are not meant to be ingested. These are generally used to help treat local pain and inflammation, such as from sore or injured muscles, and may also be used as skin treatments for itchy or dry skin.


How Much CBD Should You Take?

How much CBD you should take really depends on your condition, your goals, and how big you are. Yes, body weight does make a difference here. For starters, if you have never tried taking CBD before, just to be sure that you don’t suffer from any side effects, we recommend starting with no more than 20 mg.

However, for most people, the recommendation is to take 0.25 mg for each pound of body weight. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, the recommendation would be to take 50 mg of CBD per day, and so on and so forth.

That said, if you are experiencing severe pain or inflammation, then you can always increase the dosage to 0.5 mg per pound of body weight. Remember, CBD is not intoxicating, so no matter how much you take, it shouldn’t get you high.


Does CBD Make You Drowsy?

Unlike THC, which is intoxicating in nature, CBD is not psychoactive. That said, if CBD is taken in large doses, it can indeed make you feel a bit fatigued and drowsy.

Although, this really depends on the exact person in question, as not everyone is going to feel the same side effects, if any at all.


Can You Take CBD Oil During the Day?

Yes, you can take CBD oil during the day. The only risk is that if you take a lot of it, you may start to feel a bit drowsy, although not everyone feels that. Remember, CBD is not intoxicating, so there is really no reason why you can’t take it during the day.


Where to Buy CBD Products Online

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The bottom line is that CBD is a fantastic substance that won’t get you high, yet should be able to help improve your quality of life. Whether you want tinctures, gummies, concentrate, or anything in between, Evn is by far the best place to find it all. 

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