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Cannabis and sex share quite an interesting relationship. 

There is plenty of evidence out there that indicates that cannabis has been used for sexually related purposes for much longer than most people know. 

In fact, there are stories of cannabis being used for sexually related rituals and practices as far back as the Ancient Greek and Roman times and even further back.

One thing that has become clear is that cannabis can alter the way sex is perceived, usually for the better. In other words, cannabis may have the ability to increase both male and female arousal.

There are indications that cannabis can make both men and women experience a higher libido and enjoy the sex itself more. Today, we want to talk about edibles and sex, specifically the relationship between them. We’ll talk about what types of edibles there are, if CBD is good for sex, what some of the best edibles for sex are, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis can influence libido in men and women.
  • Cannabis has been used for sex for centuries in old civilizations like the ancient Greeks. 
  • THC edibles are better for enhancing your senses, while CBD edibles offer a more therapeutic approach that makes you more comfortable and present for sex.
  • Evn CBD offers a nice selection of CBD edibles and oils that may help improve your sex life. 


A History of Cannabis and Sex

When it comes to cannabis and sex, the two have been related to each other for thousands of years now, and this goes as far back as Ancient Rome. For instance, in Ancient Greece, Priapus, the Greek God of the erect penis, was a very influential figure in mythology, and people often sought his wisdom.

To do this, these people would have to seek the words of the priestesses of Priapus, but not before they had to undergo a purification process that involved cannabis, which was mixed with other substances to create a mixture known as satyrion. 

This mixture was then put on dildos and inserted into the rear ends of the men looking for sexual advice until they achieved orgasm.

Cannabis and sex also shared a close relationship in India, all the way back to the second century. A new practice known as Tantrism emerged, and a part of this was using cannabis to help people elevate their planes of consciousness and to be one with each other. 

Tantric sex is all about being one with the other person and the universe. There are also stories of Indian Yogis using cannabis to elevate their sexual experiences, particularly in terms of ritual sex.

If we are talking about Scandinavia, there are stories of how the Norse God Freya, Goddess of love and fertility, protected hemp fields, as hemp fields were a place for erotic rituals to take place.

We then have medieval Europe in the 1400s and 1500s, where healers often used cannabis to treat many different physical and mental issues, with low libido being one of them, although the current Pope at the time banned the use of hemp due to qualifying as heresy. 

There is also talk of satanists at the time using cannabis oil and hemp seed oil to make what was known as a flying ointment, something that witches used to “ride their broomsticks.”

We then come to the modern era, the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly America and Russia, or the USSR at the time. In the USA, in 1851, Doctor Fred Hollick published a marriage guide that told readers to use his patented aphrodisiac, which contained hash, a substance that was at the time easily found in most pharmacies. 

There are even stories of young brides in the Soviet Union using cannabis to help them on their wedding nights. There are also stories of women in Uzbekistan using cannabis to put them in a happy mood and to reduce the pain associated with being deflowered.


Types of Cannabis Edibles

Before we start really getting into the relationship between edibles and sex or cannabis and sex, let’s take a look at some of the different types of edibles out there. 

Different types of edibles don’t just taste different but can be used in different ways, particularly in relation to sex. 


First, we have oils and tinctures, which can be either THC or CBD based or both. Oils and tinctures are made by extracting the THC or CBD from cannabis and infusing it into a certain type of oil. This could be coconut oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, or really any other type of carrier oil.

Keep in mind that THC and CBD are oil soluble, not water soluble, so to make these mixtures, oil is required. You can’t simmer cannabis in water or juice and expect THC or CBD to be infused into them. It requires oil for this process to work, which is why cannabis oils are so popular. These can be flavored or unflavored, although most people usually go for a more natural taste.

Oils and tinctures can be used for many different purposes and have many reported benefits, including pain and inflammation relief, insomnia relief, and for use as a sexual stimulant or to increase sexual pleasure.

Oils and tinctures may also be used as lubricants at times, which is actually one of the more popular uses of CBD oil, particularly for women. 

As we will discuss below, CBD-based oils and tinctures may also be able to help increase both male and female arousal, as well as sexual pleasure. This is the most basic form of cannabis edible that doesn’t require any further processing.

Gummies, Chocolates, and Baked Goods

We then have gummies, as well as chocolates and baked goods. Whichever of these we are talking about, they are all made in the same basic way. THC and/or CBD are extracted from the cannabis flower and used to make these edibles.

Now, this can be done in a number of ways. The most basic way is by directly baking ground cannabis flower into edibles, and although this does work, especially if proper decarboxylation processes are followed, it generally doesn’t taste great.

We then have gummies and other edibles that are made with either hash or concentrates. With hash, due to how it is made, it has already been decarboxylated, so it is ready for use to make gummies with, and the same can be said with concentrates. These edibles tend to be fairly strong, and those made with concentrates often don’t taste much like cannabis at all.

We then have those edibles made with oils and tinctures, the same ones as discussed above. Here, instead of just consuming the oils and tinctures as is, you would first use them to make gummies, hard candies, chocolates, and baked goods and then consume them that way. 

This is one of the more popular consumption methods, as these types of edibles generally taste pretty good, are enjoyable, and are easy to dose. As you’re going to see further below, there are plenty of edibles, such as gummies, that can be used to help heighten sexual pleasure.


What you then need to consider is that edibles can be made with either THC or CBD or in some cases, both. Yes, there is a big difference between THC and CBD edibles, especially regarding that psychoactive high.

If we are talking about THC-dominant edibles, these are going to produce that psychoactive high that we associate with smoking marijuana. In terms of sex, a good THC edible could help make you bit more social, less shy, and less awkward in bed. 

It could also help make you more energetic and a bit more creative too, something that never hurts when trying to keep things interesting in bed.

THC can also help to stimulate communication, which is of course important to have between sexual partners. THC can also lead to feelings of euphoria and arousal while also reducing anxious thoughts, all of which can be beneficial as far as sex is concerned.

Although THC can definitely be beneficial for sex, CBD is even better. Keep in mind that the evidence on this front is quite limited, although the existing evidence does suggest that CBD edibles can also be good for sex.

Moreover, as you will below, CBD as a whole, not just in edible form, can be very beneficial for sexual experiences. CBD is often used to assist with calming people down, increasing blood circulation, promoting relaxation, and even improving your mood.

Many people like CBD edibles for sex, as they can reportedly have some big benefits, all without some of the possible negative side effects of THC-heavy edibles, such as anxiety and paranoia.


Is CBD Good for Sex?

Although the research on this front is still quite limited, there are some indications that CBD may be beneficial for sex.

According to a recent study of 216 people, nearly 40% of participants said that cannabis use prior to sex made it better, with nearly 60% saying that it increases their desire for sex and nearly 75% of participants saying that cannabis helps to increase their sexual satisfaction.

Of these participants, nearly 75% also reported an increased sensitivity to touch, with nearly 66% reporting an increased intensity of orgasms.

Many of these participants also said that they were better able to relax to have an enjoyable time during sex, with many also reporting that they were better able to focus.

There were even indications that cannabis helped women achieve orgasm when they would usually otherwise have trouble doing so. Therefore, the consumption of CBD prior to sex does appear to have quite a few different reported benefits.


CBD and Libido

Although THC is often associated with increased libido and sexual desire, so is CBD. As noted above, in relation to that specific study, around 60% of participants said that consuming cannabis prior to sex helped to increase their desire to have sex, and their libido. 

Although more conclusive research needs to be performed on this front, there are some strong indications that CBD affects libido in both men and women.

Does CBD Affect Libido?

Yes, CBD may affect libido, although this is more indirect than direct. CBD may have the ability to change your mental state for the better, which may then make you more likely to want to have sex.

Generally speaking, for most people, CBD should be able to increase their desire to have sex. Again, exactly how CBD and cannabis affect libido is not 100% known, with research being very limited, but there are indications that point towards CBD being able to increase libido.

Does CBD Improve Libido?

According to the limited evidence out there, yes, CBD is very likely to improve libido. Now, this is more indirect than direct. Let us explain. CBD is thought to help relieve anxious thoughts and make the mind much calmer, which can benefit people who have anxiety about sex.

CBD could help put you in the mood simply because you aren’t as anxious or afraid. If you’re too stressed out, you’re much less likely to think about having sex. There is another way in which CBD may be able to help increase sexual desire, and this has to do with hormones.

CBD is thought to enhance the neurotransmitter known as anandamide, which is also referred to as the cuddle hormone. This hormone is associated with being happy and mood regulation. So, although CBD won’t directly make you horny, it may help to calm you down and make you happier, which could result in increased sexual desire due to having a better state of mind.


Benefits of CBD Edibles and Sex

We’ve already covered most of the main facts that you need to know about how CBD edibles can affect sex, but let’s just summarize everything neatly so you know what you’re getting into.

  • The Calming Effect – CBD may have the ability to relax you and make you feel calmer, which in turn could help put you in the mood to have sex. It may have the ability to relieve or decrease anxious and fearful feelings related to having sex. Simply put, it could give you a bit of a courage boost.
  • The Happiness Factor – As mentioned above, CBD may also have the ability to increase the production of that so-called cuddle hormone, which makes you feel happier. If you’re feeling happy and good about yourself, you’ll stay away from the negative thoughts, you’ll probably feel less self-conscious about your body and therefore more willing to have sex.
  • Increased Arousal – The above factors, as well as the ones we are about to discuss below (to a certain degree), all come together to potentially increase your sexual arousal and your desire to have sex. What it all comes down to is that CBD may very well be able to increase your desire to have sex.
  • Decreased Pain and Inflammation – Indications point towards CBD being an excellent inflammation and pain reliever. There are some men who have trouble getting aroused due to pain, and women may also suffer from pain, inflammation, and dryness. CBD may be able to relieve pain and inflammation to the point where it makes sex much more enjoyable. Simply put, nobody wants to have sex if it hurts.
  • Assisting with Erectile Dysfunction – There are some indications that CBD may be able to help increase blood flow in the human body, particularly to the extremities. For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, increased blood flow could be exactly what they need to solve the problem.
  • Making You Last Longer – There are also some indications that the increased blood flow, as well as the reduction in anxious feelings, may be able to help men last longer in bed.
  • Increased Sexual Intensity and Satisfaction - As we covered in a previous section, there are indications that using CBD and cannabis in general before sex can help to increase sensitivity to touch and sexual satisfaction. CBD may be able to help you feel more on the physical front.


CBD Oil for Female Arousal

Today we talked mainly about edibles, but CBD can also come in the form of oils, topicals that can be applied directly to the area. So, whether we are talking about CBD oil made into edibles or CBD oil in the form of a topical, how can these help with female arousal and stimulation?

As we have mentioned several times now, consuming CBD oil may help females become more sexually aroused and help to increase libido, supposedly by relieving anxious thoughts and increasing happiness hormones, therefore making women more inclined to have sex due to being in a better mental state.

If we are talking about CBD oil in terms of topical application, there are some other supposed benefits that you may be able to reap as a female. CBD oil may be used as a lubricant to relieve dryness, therefore making sex more enjoyable. 

CBD oils may also be able to increase blood flow to the area, while also increasing sensitivity to touch, therefore making sex feel more enjoyable. Here we have our own CBD oils that could be used this way. Find it in Natural and Mint flavors.

Best Edibles for Male Arousal

If you are looking for the best edibles for arousal, we recommend combining THC and CBD edibles.

Both THC and CBD are thought to have beneficial effects on male arousal. The combination of THC and CBD may be able to make men feel happier, feel less anxious, feel more euphoric, can help increase blood flow to the extremities, and may also help make sex feel more intense.

Although both THC and CBD have their own reported benefits, the combination of both seems to be what works best. If you want just a simple CBD gummy, check out our CBD Gummy Bears, which feature 200 mg of broad spectrum CBD, with each of the 20 gummies having 10 mg of CBD.


Best Gummies for Arousal

There are some really good CBD gummies out there that may be able to help increase sexual arousal for both you and your partner. One option worth checking out is our CBD Sour Gummy Bears, which are essentially the same as the regular gummy bears, but with an enjoyable sour kick. 

If you want to save a bit of money, and you’d like to try both the regular and sour gummy bears, you can find the combination of both right here. These are some of the best gummies for arousal on the market today! 

If you’re looking for something more straightforward, go with our CBD Curcumin Capsules. These contain 25 mg of our broad-spectrum CBD alongside 10 mg of curcumin. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin add an extra level of beneficial properties that can help you enjoy your sex more.

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