3 Benefits of Moisturizing With CBD Cream As It Gets Colder

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For seasoned hikers and climbers, an occasional dryness of the skin is hardly new. When the temperature and humidity drop, water loss from the skin increases. As your skin dries out, it can feel rough, dry, and appear dull. Fortunately, a moisturizing skincare routine can save you as you climb to the top of your next hill, mountain, or rock. 

However, it's not just the cold that affects your skin. The sun in higher altitudes is harsher, often burning any exposed skin. Whether it’s an ear, nose, or finger, any unprotected part quickly dries out and is subjected to harsh rays that could further dehydrate skin and lead to sunburn. 

Fortunately, CBD topicals such as CBD salve or CBD cream can help you combat problems due to dry skin. With the right moisturizing routine, you can keep your skin safe and healthy as the temperature drops (or on your next adventure).

3 Benefits of Moisturizing With CBD Cream

1. Anti-aging

While wrinkling is a natural process of aging skin, poor skincare can age you faster. Plus, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD creams are full of other compounds, including anti-oxidants that could counteract free radical damage, lessening visible signs of aging. . 

2. Sooths Irritation 

CBD oil has soothing soothing properties not only on the nerves, but also on the skin. It can help lessen sensitivity and irritation, including redness and itchiness.

3. Balancing Oil Production On Your Skin 

If you have oily skin, it's easy to think that drying out the skin works better for you. Unfortunately, the oil glands react by producing more oil. Instead of enjoying the experience, you'll move in between tight, dry skin and a shiny coat of oil. CBD cream could help with balancing oil production. 

How to Moisturize Your Skin

Drink Plenty of Water 

Moisturizing from the inside is a great way to retain healthy skin. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and increase your intake with exercise or increased movement. Upping your water intake is an excellent addition to any skincare routine because it provides your skin with the moisture it needs to retain its glow. 

Watch How You Cleanse 

After a long day of activity, you'll want to clean off dirt and sweat. Cleaning your skin is the first step in managing its health. However, how you clean it affects its moisture. Every time you use a soap-based cleaner on your skin, you remove the existing moisture and oil layers that keep the skin hydrated. 

If you're not heading out or engaging in intense activities for the day, you can try limiting the soap you use, especially on your face. Another great tip is also to avoid long hot showers because they tend dry out your skin. Lukewarm water is often less irritating. 

Protect Yourself From the Wind 

Wind can rapidly dehydrate skin. Protect exposed areas such as the lips and face from the wind by applying lip balm and petroleum jelly generously. You can also use heavy creams or salves that lock in the moisture. 

Keeping Skin Moisturized 

Healthy moisturized skin is possible to achieve with the right skincare routine. Drink plenty of water, avoid hot showers, and apply try working CBD topical products into your skincare routine. However, if any skin condition persists, be sure to see a medical professional. 

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