Chimera Strain Weed Review

There are plenty of cannabis strains you can find at any given dispensary, though some carry a bit more mystique behind them. Chimera is one of them!

Like the mythical creature it is named for, Chimera is an intriguing and often elusive strain, but that hasn’t stopped flower connoisseurs from seeking it out for its unique flavor, high potency, and effects.

The strain can often be a rare treat to stumble upon in the cannabis market, and as such, those who have not tried it may find themselves curious about all it has to offer. Namely, is Chimera an indica or sativa, and what are the potential effects one can expect if they happen to find it?

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Key Takeaways

  • Chimera is an all-around distinct strain, sought after for its potency, flavor, and balanced effects. It often has high THC and offers a rare blend of earthy, citrusy, and spicy flavors seldom found in other cannabis strains.
  • Consumers report that Chimera can be a flexible strain, promoting feelings of creativity and euphoria that can be applied to a variety of different situations and occasions to fit the smoker’s needs.

Chimera Strain Appearance

Chimera cultivars typically produce dense, compact buds, with a bright green color and an array of amber pistils. You’ll also find that the flower often boasts a frosty appearance, due to the plenty of trichomes on the surface.

Chimera Strain Genetics

Chimera may vary in potency but often can be found testing at 25% or more in THC, making it a consistently potent strain that often lends itself to a hard-hitting, long-lasting high.

Chimera is made by crossing White Truffle and The Creature. White Truffle is an indica-dominant strain, while The Creature is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Both parents are typically fairly true to their respective categorizations, so where exactly does that leave Chimera?

Is Chimera an Indica or Sativa?

Given its parent strains, you guessed it — Chimera isn’t an indica or sativa. It’s a well-balanced hybrid! Users often report that Chimera is not too heady and active, though it’s also not too sedating, true to its hybrid nature.

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Chimera Strain Aroma and Taste

Chimera has a distinct blend of flavors and aromas, mixing earthy, citrus, and pine notes with a hint of spice. Many consumers attest that Chimera’s flavor profile and aroma is truly one-of-a-kind and hard to find in other cannabis strains. The dominant terpene is myrcene, which is present in hops and lemon grass and gives Chimera that mildly sweet flavor alongside those spicy, earthy, and musky elements.

Chimera Strain Potential Benefits and Effects

Most cannabis consumers who’ve tried it find that Chimera is true to its balanced hybrid nature and can be used flexibly depending on the smoker’s needs. It can be functional during the day, though it can also be a great option to relax after work without being too sleepy or sedative.

Chimera often leads to feelings of euphoria and creativity, which once again can be great for a number of different applications. Because of these effects, people often find Chimera useful to help combat symptoms of depression, stress, and fatigue.

Final Thoughts

Chimera is truly a strain like few others, offering a stellar flavor profile and plenty of highly sought-after effects. As a true hybrid, it is a versatile strain that can easily work with whatever day you might have planned. While Chimera can still be hard to find, the consumer demand for this offering may eventually make the strain more accessible to the masses.

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