How is Live Rosin Made?

The ever-growing world of cannabis can be hard to keep up with, as we continue to witness new innovations and techniques to create a number of unique products in the continually broadening market.

Cannabis concentrates specifically have taken off over the last two decades. A quick trip to the dispensary quickly reveals that extracts have exploded in recent years, as consumers can now choose from an ever-growing list of options with a variety of textures, potencies, and specific extraction techniques behind them.

One of the newer concentrates currently seeing a rise in popularity is live rosin. Many consumers have gravitated toward this unique offering due to its solventless extraction process, high potency, and rich flavor profile. Some producers are even using live rosin in edibles to amp up their flavor and potency!

To fully grasp live rosin, its benefits, and if it’s the right choice for you, having an understanding of the extraction process is essential. If you’ve ever wondered how live rosin is made, keep reading as we explore this inventive new concentrate and the process that goes into making it!

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Key Takeaways

  • Live rosin is made utilizing a flash-freezing process, effectively preserving the bulk of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other essential cannabis compounds in the final product.
  • Unlike other live concentrates like live resin, live rosin is made without solvents, using only heat and pressure.
  • Live rosin and live resin are both flash-frozen, but the key distinction lies in the lack of solvents used for the former concentrate.

What is Live Rosin?

Live rosin is a solventless extract that many consumers argue takes the cake as the extract most closely capturing the essence of the original cannabis flower it’s made from. Non-live concentrates involve a curing process, which tends to sacrifice many of the key cannabis compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes, essential elements to a well-rounded, high-potency experience.

Live rosin undergoes a fresh-frozen extraction after harvest instead of drying and curing it. After the plant is frozen, it’s processed and extracted, resulting in the final “live” product.

Live rosin is made without the use of solvents. Instead, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds are extracted using heat and pressure, and many consumers consider live rosin one of the purest extracts available for this reason.

How is Live Rosin Made?

After cannabis is freshly harvested, the first step is flash-freezing the plant matter, which effectively preserves the precious terpenes, cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and additional compounds. Fan leaves are removed, stalks are cut, and the buds are then placed inside a moisture-resistant bag to freeze. No curing or drying is needed!

Once the flash-freezing process is complete, live rosin is converted into bubble hash. Wet flower on its own cannot be extracted into rosin, so extractors mix the frozen cannabis with ice and water. Next, the mixture is agitated inside a series of mesh bags. Producers collect kief and then hand-press the mixture into bubble hash.

Finally, the bubble hash is mechanically processed into live rosin, separating from the rest of the plant using high heat and pressure. And voila! The result is the gorgeous, gooey, and aromatic concentrate we know as live rosin.


What Does Live Rosin Taste Like?

When it comes to the taste of live rosin, it all depends on the cannabis that was initially used and frozen, along with the terpenes it contains. Cannabis can vary in quality and flavor, and as live rosin tends to preserve many of those same compounds from the original plant, the resulting concentrate can take on any number of aromas and flavors.

In the same vein, live rosin quality also depends on the quality of the flower that’s used. If the flower is low quality, with few terpenes and limited flavor, the resulting live rosin will be similar. Conversely, a high-quality, terpene-rich strain will ultimately create top-tier live rosin with an expansive flavor profile.

Though many consumers will find that high-quality live rosin offers some of the best flavor of any concentrate available, with many arguing that it beats out live resin.

How Potent is Live Rosin?

In the same way that freezing the plant preserves more terpenes, which can help to increase the potency and overall effects alone, it also preserves more cannabinoids. Not only does live rosin typically offer a high percentage of THC, but most strains also boast a wide array of other major and minor cannabinoids. The more cannabinoids in the final product, the greater the synergistic effects and ultimately, the potency.

However, live rosin typically has less THC and cannabinoids than a product like live resin, but many consumers find that it consistently offers a comparable experience in terms of potency.

Live Rosin Price

While prices tend to drop over time as extraction processes are streamlined and consumer demand picks up, live rosin tends to be on the expensive side given the meticulous extraction process, which is ultimately more labor-intensive than that of most other solvent-based extractions. A number of live rosin producers also produce their extracts in small batches, making for a more exclusive — and ultimately more expensive — product.

Live Rosin vs. Live Resin

Live resin is also frozen before the full extraction takes place, effectively retaining many of the original cannabis compounds, though the key distinction between the two lies in the use of solvents. Live resin uses solvents like butane and propane after freezing, instead of heat and pressure. After the extraction, producers purge the product of any remaining solvents before it hits the market.

While both products are considered safe, and the live resin you’ll find in dispensaries and beyond is free from the solvents used to make it, many consumers take solace in knowing that the extraction process behind live rosin involves no solvents at all.

Final Thoughts

Live rosin offers a truly unique, well-rounded experience for concentrate consumers searching for a potent product that also offers unparalleled flavor. More health-conscious consumers also prefer live rosin, as it’s one of the few concentrates that avoids solvents entirely during the extraction process.

While this extract may not be fit for a brand new cannabis consumer, and the price may turn some off, many concentrate lovers can’t get enough as soon as they’ve taken their first dab of a quality live rosin. There’s never been a better time to give this ground-breaking concentrate a try!

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