Indica Vs Sativa For Sex: Which Is Better?

When incorporating cannabis into sexual experiences, one may wonder whether indica or sativa is the better choice for a good time. In short, the choice of cannabis strain, whether indica or sativa, depends entirely on personal preference and the desired sexual encounter. 

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Sativa strains are known for boosting energy and creating more psychedelic-like mental experiences, which can heighten mood and increase excitement in the moment. Indicas, on the other hand, can enhance physical sensations, including the all-important touch, and soothe any anxieties or pain that may preclude an enjoyable experience.

Read on to understand our breakdown of how cannabis impacts sex and arousal, the differences between indicas and sativas on sex, and how to ultimately choose the best strain for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cannabis can heighten mood, energize, reduce stress, alleviate pain, and relax the body - all of which can contribute to improved sex.
  • Indica strains enhance physical sensations and can relax users, leading to improved and unencumbered enjoyment of sexual experiences
  • Sativas are more energizing and psychedelic, increasing excitement in the moment and enhancing low moods that might hinder sex.
  • Whether indica or sativa, the best strains for arousal entirely depend on each individual and their sex goals.

How Cannabis Affects Sex

Due to cannabis' federally illegal status, scientists have limited evidence of how cannabis impacts sex drive and experience. Most data we have currently come from participant responses, which are inherently biased and must be taken with a grain of salt. 

Furthermore, as sex is a highly individualized phenomenon, many social, biological, environmental, and mental factors play into what constitutes "good" sex. One person's experience of sex with cannabis may vary entirely from another's', and a subjective experience can change based on circumstances and temperament. Regardless, many anecdotal reports claim that particular cannabis strains have boosted sex drive and enjoyment of sexual encounters.

Research shows that cannabis works on the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in many important brain and body areas involved in sex. Cannabis also increases blood flow and the sensitivity of nerves in the skin, which may contribute to heightened sensory experiences during sexual activity.

Based on participant surveys, evidence shows that cannabis can help relax individuals, heighten sensory perceptions, and increase emotional intensity before and during sex. There are also links to more frequent sexual events occurring with regular cannabis users than reported with those who didn't consume.

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Indica vs Sativa For Sex

First and foremost, it's important to note that the terms "indica" and "sativa" are misleading ways of describing strains that produce so-called relaxing or energizing experiences. Indicas and sativas describe the plant's growth characteristics, don't really differ at the chemical level and have little to do with the high you'll experience. In reality, the ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other factors creates the perceived high of a particular cultivar. So when you're sourcing your strains, be sure to keep all this in mind.

Now that we've established cannabis' potential to enhance sex, which strains are best suited for the job? The answer depends entirely on an individual's preference, metabolism, physiology, environment, and intentions for the sexual experience.

The more soothing and relaxing properties of indica-leaning cultivars reportedly enhance touch perception, lower inhibition, and boost the pleasure of sexual activities. Indicas' pain-relieving properties can also soothe aches or pains that would otherwise compromise the enjoyment of sex. However, too-strong indicas with lots of myrcene can make one too sleepy to want to do anything but relax.

On the other hand, sativas are more cerebral and psychedelic, helping to heighten desire and the drive for a sexual experience. Sativa-leaning cultivars can also produce more robust emotional responses, boosting intimacy in the moment. However, too much THC in a sativa can yield paranoia and anxiety, which could get in the way of sex.

Terpenes are the most critical factor to consider when determining which strain to include in the bedroom. Limonene, for example, has been reported to boost sex drive in couples, and research has shown that terpene acts on receptors that modulate the release of dopamine and serotonin in the body. Conversely, linalool's stress-alleviating properties can make moments more intimate and relaxed.

Top Cannabis Strains for Sex

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a sativa-leaning hybrid that balances energy with ease. The strain features higher limonene content, which helps to energize against fatigue while producing euphoria. High myrcene and beta-caryophyllene content balance Sour Diesel's energetic effects with a relaxing that lowers inhibitions and enhances sensory perception.

Wedding Cake

Those seeking ways to heighten arousal might choose Wedding Cake, thanks to the cultivar's balanced mix of relaxation and mental stimulation. The strain features high levels of limonene, which energize, balanced with the more calming linalool, which reduces any anxiety that might emerge from heightened emotional encounters. 

Consumers report that Wedding Cake doesn't produce quite as sedating effects as other indica hybrids, making it a well-rounded choice for those who want to balance physical effects with a clear mental focus. However, keep in mind that Wedding Cake contains high levels of THC, so beginners should start with small amounts and gradually increase doses to determine what works best.

Bubba Kush

The indicia-dominant Bubba Kush is often sought to relieve any anxiety and physical discomfort that might otherwise get in the way of pleasurable sex. Its myrcene and beta-caryophyllene levels play an important role in stimulating blood flow and enhancing the enjoyment of physical sensations. 

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Girl Scout Cookies

For those searching for an all-around, highly potent hybrid strain for great sex, look no further than the much-beloved Girl Scout Cookies. This balanced cultivar reportedly heightens arousal and sex drive, banishes physical pain, and provides psychedelic effects that enhance sexual encounters. Girl Scout Cookies' potent THC levels and high-enhancing beta-caryophyllene make this strain an excellent companion for those seeking to explore in the bedroom. 

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the ideal indica strain for relieving stress and banishing tension prior to sex. Users report that Northern Lights yields a gentle euphoria that relaxes muscles and scattered minds, helping people stay in the moment during sex. The strain is beneficial for those who need help to get in the mood or struggle with anxiety but be warned: a little goes a long way with this high-THC strain. Too much, and you may fall asleep before you get to the good part.

Final Thoughts

Despite the lack of evidence, several indica and sativa cannabis products line the shelves claiming to improve sex drive and enhance enjoyment. Because sex is highly unique to each person, whether indica or sativa strains will produce better sex depends on various factors in your life and your partners'. 

If you live in a state with access to legalized marijuana products, it's worth experimenting to find a cannabis strain to achieve your desired outcomes. Remember to start with small doses and explore different consumption methods to find the best strain and product for your and your partner's needs. Most importantly, keep communication open with your partner, and together, you should be able to find a cannabis product that helps enhance your sex life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is best for sex?

The best strain for improved sex depends on what factors you seek to address with cannabis. Cultivars like Girl Scout Cookies, Northern Lights, Sour Diesel, and Wedding Cake have different effects ranging from psychedelic euphoria and enhancing sex drive to relaxing stress and heightening physical sensations. 

Is indica or sativa better for female arousal?

Whether an indica or sativa cannabis product is better for female arousal depends entirely on how you want to use cannabis to change your mood and experience. Sativa cultivars produce more mental, energizing effects, which can heighten sex drive and improve overall sexual activity. Conversely, indices reportedly enhance touch sensations and can relax any physical or psychological tension that would get in the way of an extraordinary sexual experience.

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