Top Runtz Strains: What Are The Best?

There are countless cannabis and hemp strains on the market today, with breeders exploring new crosses and genetics every day, but some strains have truly stood the test of time. The strains that consistently provide balanced genetics, solid flavor, and great potential benefits typically don’t stay low-profile for long.


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Among this legendary tier of cannabis strains is Runtz.

Approximately six years after first coming onto the scene, Runtz and its affiliated strains are now the regular recipients of cannabis awards across the country, steadily climbing into the cannabis cultural lexicon. The strain first emerged at the 2017 Emerald Cup and skyrocketed in popularity from there.

On top of its stellar terpene profile and profound effects on users, Runtz flower is often admired for its majestic purple hue. Today, there are dozens of Runtz strains to explore, and we’re here to help. Keep reading to get the scoop on Runtz cannabis strains and figure out which ones could be best for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Runtz is a balanced, 50/50 hybrid great for unwinding no matter the time of day.
  • The strain is hailed for its rich, fruity flavor and aroma and typically contains moderate-to-high levels of THC and little CBD.
  • Runtz encourages euphoric and uplifting effects along with a sense of calm, providing consumers with an even-keeled high.
  • There are dozens of Runtz strains on the market, so we’ve honed in on some of the best options out there today.

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Runtz Genetics

Runtz is created by combining Gelato and Zkittlez. Gelato is an evenly-balanced hybrid that often promotes a euphoric high and feelings of relaxation; Zkittlez is an indica strain known for its fruity flavor and calming but focused effects, promoting happiness and relaxation. Combining those two is a match made in heaven.

Runtz itself is a balanced 50/50 hybrid, giving users a nice, versatile high for any occasion. Generally Runtz strains won’t surpass 29% THC, and Runtz strains usually contain very little CBD.

Runtz Aroma, Taste, and Terpene Profile

After examining its parent strains and name referencing the popular candy, it’s no surprise that Runtz has a fruity, sweet, candy-like aroma and flavor. This is often one of the first things folks notice about Runtz at a dispensary if they get a chance to take a whiff of the flower, due to its robust terpene profile.

Runtz Terpene Profile

Runtz has a mix of the peppery caryophyllene, the citrusy limonene, and the floral and spicy notes of linalool. Terpenes promote aroma and flavor, though research shows that each terpene may also carry a host of potential benefits.

Cryophyllene often appears in aromatic oils like rosemary and clove oil and it’s often found in hops, cloves, black pepper, oregano, and cinnamon. The available research shows that this terpene could potentially hold pain-relieving properties, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and could help enhance mood.

Limonene, as the name implies, inspires a citrusy, tart flavor you might find in limonene-rich citrus fruits. Research shows that limonene may help to reduce inflammation, relieve stress, and ease pain-related symptoms.


Linalool is associated with floral aromas and can be found in lavender, though it’s also present in rosewood, bergamot, coriander, rose, and jasmine. Research has similarly shown that linalool contains anti-inflammatory properties. Given the high presence of lavender in wellness products, it comes as no surprise that linalool has also displayed anti-anxiety and stress relief properties.

Runtz Effects

Like its parent strains, Runtz offers an ideal combination of euphoria and a happy, giggly uplifting effect. While the strain tends to promote more active effects, consumers have also reported a generally calming and relaxing effect from Runtz, helping folks to unwind at any time of day and true to its balanced hybrid nature.

Top Runtz Strains

There are far too many Runtz strains to fully dive into on this list, but if you’re looking to get acquainted with a Runtz strain, know that there are a ton of great options at your fingertips. Here are just some of our favorite, most popular Runtz strains

White Runtz Strain

The phenotype White Runtz is named in part because of the thick layer of white trichomes on its buds, almost like a light dusting of snow. Like the original Runtz, White Runtz has a tasty and sweet flavor profile, and anecdotal evidence has found the strain’s long-lasting effects may help to relieve symptoms of pain and stress.

Pink Runtz Strain

Pink Runtz is another phenotype of the original Runtz strain. The strain stands apart because of its highly dense bud structure, with plentiful dark green and purple gradients. Users often report similar uplifting effects as Runtz, though some claim it’s a bit more relaxing overall. The THC content on Pink Runtz often skews a tad lower than Runtz as well, and it similarly carries a fruity, candy-like aroma and flavor.

Black Runtz Strain

If you’re looking for a Runtz with more indica characteristics, Black Runtz may be the way to go. The indica-leaning hybrid is a Runtz phenotype and typically has similar levels of THC. It’s no surprise this strain also has a sweet, fruity flavor, though limonene is the dominant terpene, so definitely expect slightly more tartness. You’ll still get the happy, uplifting benefits that Runtz offers, but the indica effects of Black Runtz may usher in a greater sense of relaxation and help to ease pain, aid in sleep, and lessen stress.

Hawaiian Runtz Strain

If you fancy Pink Runtz, you may like Hawaiian Runtz. This strain is a mix of Pink Runtz and Hawaiian, a classic sativa promoting a happy and creative heady high. Combining the two creates a balanced hybrid with both indica and sativa effects, with generally moderate THC levels. Users have reported a more active, euphoric high to start with more sleepy, sedative effects at the tail-end.

Rainbow Runtz Strain

Rainbow Runtz is a heavy-hitting strain that will likely have you feeling incredibly calm, with strong, sedating body effects and generally moderate-to-high THC levels. Instead of Gelato, this strain crosses Dosidos with Zkittlez, which is likely why this offering leans a bit more indica. You’re also likely to work up an appetite with this one!

Runtz Cake Strain

If you want something incredibly sweet and scrumptious, Runtz Cake is the way to go. This hybrid strain is made by crossing Wedding Cake, an indica hybrid, with White Runtz, making it a bit more calming than the standard Runtz, with an enviable, dessert-like flavor profile. Runtz Cake also generally has lower percentages of THC than many of the other Runtz strains, so it could be better for new consumers or anyone looking to avoid high-THC strains.

Purple Runtz Strain

Purple Runtz is similar to the original in that it is also a fairly balanced, 50/50 hybrid. It crosses Zkittlez and Gelato #33 and is named for its vibrant purple color, purple-tinted trichomes, and grape-like flavor. Similar to Runtz, Purple Runtz offers a nice balance of happiness and euphoria while also helping the body to rest and replenish.

Tropical Runtz Strain

For folks looking for a more active Runtz variety, consider Tropical Runtz, the result of crossing Runtz with Tropic Truffle. This sativa-dominant hybrid is often considered great for social situations, and the citrusy notes burst through true to the strain’s name. This one is definitely more of a heady high than anything, so be wary of consuming too much if you’re prone to anxiety.

Forbidden Runtz Strain

Another great indica-leaning option, Forbidden Runtz crosses Forbidden Fruit and Runtz, ushering in a euphoric high that’s generally more relaxed and sleepy. The fruity aroma and flavor still comes through but the higher myrcene also gives Forbidden Runtz a slightly more earthy flavor.

Greasy Runtz Strain

Combine Grease Monkey — a sweet and skunky hybrid strain — with Runtz and you’ll get Greasy Runtz. The strain shares a similar flavor profile to the original Runtz strain, and this one generally packs a punch with moderate-to-high THC levels. Greasy Runtz tends to lean a touch more on the indica side, leaving users feeling more on the calm side, maybe with a little added hunger.

Other Runtz Strains

As mentioned, this list is far from exhaustive. There are even more Runtz strains, including but not limited to Cherry Runtz, Obama Runtz, Banana Runtz, Bubble Gum Runtz, Strawberry Runtz, Space Runtz, Galactic Runtz, Apple Runtz… You get the idea.

Even though we know these strains exist, some are harder to find than others. And there will surely be more to come!

Final Thoughts

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Runtz. The original provides a great blend of uplifting and relaxing effects along with one of the best flavor profiles you’ll find. For consumers looking to dive even deeper, there are plenty of strains in the Runtz family to fit anyone’s needs.

From varied THC levels, strains leaning more toward sativa or indica, and a variety of flavors and effects, the collection of Runtz strains is immense and it will only grow from here.

If you’ve been so lucky to give Runtz a try, this may be your sign to reacclimate yourself with this trusty, new classic. Still haven’t tried this iconic cannabis strain? Get on it! You won’t regret it.


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