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cannabis plants in a field

What Is Delta-9 Distillate?

Hemp and cannabis are extremely fascinating plants that contain a myriad of compounds within them, with one particular group of compounds that has never failed to mystify and bring consumers immens...

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THC Edible Vs. Tincture: What's The Difference?

Cannabis consumption has soared in popularity over the more recent years. As a result of this exciting and entirely progressive growth across the country, there has dually been a reinvigorated inve...

an upright cannabis flower

Indica Vs Sativa For Sex: Which Is Better?

One may wonder whether indica or sativa is the better choice for sex. The choice of cannabis strain, whether indica or sativa, depends on personal preference.

a tincture of oil next to a green cannabis leaf

Does THCa Get You High?

Most people, even those only vaguely familiar with cannabis, will have heard of THC, the chemical in weed responsible for its intoxicating high. However, while THC is the most well-known cannabinoi...

runtz flower strain of cannabis

Top Runtz Strains: What Are The Best?

There are countless cannabis and hemp strains on the market today, with breeders exploring new crosses and genetics every day, but some strains have truly stood the test of time. The strains that c...

cbg and cbd gummies on green pedestals

What Happens When You Mix CBD and CBG Together?

After the 2018 Farm Bill eased restrictions around hemp, the hemp-derived CBD market is thriving with millions of consumers turning to the non-psychoactive cannabinoid for their wellness regimens. ...

cannabis flower in a mason jar

Indica Vs. Sativa For Anxiety

Many consumers are already well aware that cannabis and its many compounds carry a number of potential benefits that can aid in managing specific conditions and symptoms. Namely, cannabis is often ...