Can You Smoke Mullein? What to Know

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The act of smoking plants and herbs of all varieties stretches across millennia as an essential part of human culture, society, and medicine. One such herb is mullein, which has a far-reaching tradition of smoking it blended with other plants to achieve unique effects. Mullein is a tall, velvety plant with bright yellow flowers that visually and aromatically attract users.

Those wondering whether one can smoke mullein will be pleased to know that the herb offers a soothing, mellow smoke that deftly complements other herbs in custom smoking blends. Read on to learn more about smoking mullein, the plant itself, and the unique properties it offers to those interested in trying it. 

a mullein plant

Key Takeaways

  • Mullein is a widespread plant that is found in most parts of the world.
  • Smoking mullein produces a smooth, cooling smoke that's great for easing the harshness of other herbs without changing their flavor or aromas.
  • Mullein is excellent for promoting respiratory health, easing dehydration, and protecting the throat and lungs from pain and carcinogens associated with smoking herbs or cannabis.

What is Mullein?

Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) is an ancient, versatile herb with a recreational and medical usefulness history. The plant is tall, with erect stems covered in soft, velvet-like leaves that are large and oval-shaped, arranged into a rosette at the plant's stem. Mullein's bright yellow flowers exude a sweet, honeyed fragrance that attracts pollinators and makes it delightful to smoke.

The plant is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa but has been naturalized and grows commonly in many other places worldwide, including North America. Foragers will find mullein plants in open fields, meadows, and even roadsides where they can access full sunlight exposure.

Mullein is hardy and capable of growing in sandy, rocky soils, though it prefers lots of water in soil. At full height, mullein plants stretch up to 6 feet tall, making them easily visible among other plants. Thanks to its adaptability and global presence, mullein is easy to procure and lovely to behold in the wild.

Benefits of Smoking Mullein

Supports respiratory health

Most often, smoking any plant matter can be dangerous for your lungs due to heat exposure and the potential carcinogens inhaled. Mullein, conversely, features a cooling smoke that helps layer the lungs with moisture, facilitating breathing and helping maintain comfort and balance with smoking. Those with breathing issues or asthma may smoke mullein precisely for these properties.

Prevent dehydration

Especially when combined with naturally dehydrating herbs like cannabis, mullein's cooling and moisturizing smoke can help keep saliva production flowing, which otherwise would be halted by THC. Interestingly, mullein also serves as an excellent remedy for dry skin and other topical conditions.

Smooths smoke

Mullein produces a smooth, gentle smoke, which is excellent on its own or when combined with other harsher herbs. These properties make it a significantly handy addition to any herbal blend, as it doesn't add any of its own flavors to the mix. Undetectable, mullein yields a gentle and smooth smoke that pairs well with the flavor profile of any herb or cannabis experience.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Mullein's lung and respiratory health promotion makes it appear much safer than other herbs, such as tobacco. However, despite the lubricating mucus mullein invites into the lungs when smoked, it's still never entirely healthy to smoke any plant matter, even the gentle mullein.

Compared to other smokable plants, mullein is generally safe but can still transfer harmful burned plant matter into your system. It is vital to source your mullein from reputable distributors to ensure your herbs are free from any pesticides or unwanted materials before smoking. 

How to Use Mullein

Mullein is easy to smoke alone or add to your favorite herbal or cannabis-derived blend. Some dispensaries or online stores will sell cannabis or CBD joints mixed with mullein ready to smoke on receipt. 

You can also purchase rolling papers, loose-leaf mullein, and any other desired herbs yourself for an at-home pre-roll. CBD particularly complements mullein, as the latter smooths the former's smoke and allows users to appreciate all the terpenes and flavors of a particular strain.

The Bottom Line: Can You Smoke Mullein Leaf?

Mullein is an excellent herb that cultures have been smoking to promote lung health and soothe the harshness of other herbs' smokes since ancient times. If you want to cool the heat of your weed's smoke or improve your overall respiratory function, smoking mullein is a terrific way to enjoy the benefits of the herb while delighting in the ritual of smoking an herbal joint.

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