How to Roll a Donut Joint

Rolling a joint is often considered a must-have skill for cannabis consumers as one of the most popular ways to smoke. While it’s easy to pick up packable cones, or even pre-rolled joints, as a simple workaround, knowing how to roll a joint on your own often comes in handy!

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While it takes some practice, those who are already versed in joint rolling may be curious how to amp things up to the next level. Fortunately, with today’s ever-evolving cannabis community, there are a number of innovative ways to take your joint smoking up a notch.

Take the donut joint, for example. This revolutionary method is a great next step for folks looking to amp up their smoking without the need for a ton of extra materials or the intricate processes that can come with more complex joint structures.

If you’re ready to elevate your joint rolling skills, keep reading and learn how to roll a donut joint!

What is a Donut Joint?

Donut joints, also called hash holes, are essentially a joint with a rolled-up hash snake in the center, surrounded by flower. The hash sits in the middle of the joint, with an even amount of flower surrounding it — hence the name.

Of course, with a bit of concentrate, donut joints have a higher potency compared to a simple flower-filled joint, though the herb also helps to even out the taste. These joints typically involve a decent amount of concentrate, and things can get sticky (literally), so it’s important to take your time. Donut joints are also great for sharing, since they pack such a heavy punch. Be careful if you’re smoking one on your own to avoid getting too high.

You can find these joints at dispensaries, but they can be pretty pricey, so it’s far more cost-efficient to roll one yourself!

How to Roll a Donut Joint


  • Approximately ½ to a full gram of cannabis
  • Approximately ⅓ gram of concentrate
  • Rolling papers (single-wide or 1 ¼ size)
  • Crutch
  • Lighter
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Tray

On flower quantity: This is generally based on your experience with rolling joints. A standard paper can easily fit a full gram of cannabis, it may just be a bit more challenging to roll.

On concentrate selection: Any concentrate that is stable enough for your hands to work with should be great. Hash rosin, wax, or shatter are a few good options.

Step 1: Prepare a Crutch

While you don’t need a filter for your joint, it can add stability and help you to avoid inhaling stray herb as you smoke. You can purchase crutches at head shops or simply use materials around the house. Generally, it’s best to go with a cardstock-like material, just a bit thicker than standard paper, but you can also fold and double up on paper in a pinch.

A crutch is generally about 2.5 to 3 inches long by ½ to ¾ inch wide.

Step 2: Grind Your Bud

It’s possible to finely grind your weed with your fingers alone, but a grinder is the most efficient way to guarantee a solid smoking experience. Be sure that your weed is broken down enough that there aren’t any little “nugs,” but not so much that it’s powdery.

Step 3: Begin Preparing Joint With Flower

Grab a rolling paper, and ensure it is laid down completely flat on your tray with the adhesive facing up. Place your crutch at one end and begin to place half of your ground weed on the center of the paper in a thin, flat layer.

Step 4: Roll Your Concentrate Snake

Snag your concentrate of choice and begin molding it with your fingers, as if it was clay. The concentrate should take a snake shape, which you can form by using two fingers to generally apply pressure on either side. Slowly moving each back and forth against your concentrate should begin to elongate it, as long as it’s the right texture. Make sure it is even in diameter. It should be about an inch long.

Step 5: Finish Filling and Shape Joint

Place your snake in the middle of your joint, and take the rolling paper by the corners so the bud falls over your concentrate. You can then pour the rest of your flower in. Ensure there is no visible concentrate, as this could negatively affect the way the joint burns and the ideal donut shape.

Step 6: Roll Your Joint

Begin rolling your joint, rolling up the side with the adhesive with one thumb while using the other to tuck in the bottom side of the rolling paper. Lick the adhesive and continue with the rolling motion, ensuring the paper is pulled tightly across the weed (just not too tight). Once the adhesive is stuck to the other side, you may consider licking the outside as well to ensure it’s fully together.

Step 7: Pack Your Joint

It’s final touch time! With the crutch toward the ground, tap the joint on your tray or a flat surface to gently pack the joint. You can use a poker if there is any room at the top to add a little more flower, just be careful you don’t push too hard to avoid altering the position of the concentrate snake.

Step 8: Light Up and Enjoy!

Grab your lighter, and get smoking! You’ll quickly see how the donut shape appears as you smoke.


Rolling a donut joint simply requires a concentrate and some extra steps, but the end result is an uplifted and unique smoking experience you’ll be sure to revisit! Donut joints also allow for all kinds of combinations of flower and concentrate strains — a great way to try something new and embrace a new chapter of joint smoking!

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